Book Blast, Twitter party, rafflecopter giveaway adventure


Good Day Folks,

It has been forever and a day since my last post. I really need to get better at blogging.

Its the 13th and love that number. I will be on Twitter Chat tonight. Hash tag is #helgareturns come join me at 6:30 pm eastern.

I am having problems being clever today.

So many things happening.

There is a book blast going on on many blogs with a rafflecopter. You can enter to win a swag pack at the bottom of this post. You have until April 3rd

It is pretty cool to see your books on so many blogs. My publisher Anchor Group Publishing set up this up. Love this adventure.

My two books look great and kids are having a grand adventure reading them. 😀

If you purchase my books in print or ebook I will gladly send you a signed book plate to adhere inside the cover.

Here is what it looks like- DSC04431 Just email me at or pm on facebook, I would be happy to send you one.

I have been working on my novel, and Christmas Book it another James and Syvok Adventure!  Always happy when writing.

I have another admin who is fabulous her name Candice. I love working with her. The Lil Anchor’s street team is going they are a fab group too and so helpful. Amy my quiet admin is helping me build a website, she helps me with my tech issues, for which I have a lot of them. Check out my pages at the end of this post. Lil Anchors page now has featured kids authors from Anchor Group Publishing. I know cute we call ourselves lil anchors. We also post a joke of the day. They are hilarious. On my kidstale page we now post coloring pages and lots of kids author post about their books too. My author page is WendysBookcase. All links at the bottom of this post.

Really folks their are way more nice people out there than mean people!

As always enjoy your adventures! WB

Well I am on many sites now where you can keep up with my comings and goings and

swag pack for pr
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Doll House Adventure “Savannah’s Story by Jodi Stone


Good Day Folk,

I have been a huge fan of Jodi Stone’s sweet stories for a couple of years now. We met at a different publisher. And now are together again at Anchor Group Publishing.I love the Stone sisters adventures.

I have compared her books to Pinkalicious series. I think Jodi’s stories are better and more entertaining and always has a subtle life lesson.

In Savannah’s Story: Savannah is bored  and goes to her dollhouse and makes a wish.  All of a sudden she is playing inside the doll house and having a wonderful time. How many

of us wanted to play in our doll houses.

I see it with my own girls. They play for hours with their dollhouses. I listen to their imaginations while they play. What wonderful fun they have in their doll houses. And like the story it is time to go home and be

with the family and have fun with them too. My girls love Jodi’s illustrations and her stories. Bravo my friend you have done it again. Yes we must always remember to believe in magic it is all around us and is

what makes dreams come true.

Savanah’s Story is a 5 star read. If you have a little girl in your house they would love this story.

We are going to have some fun at Jodi Stone’s Savannah’s Story Launch Party starting at 6pm eastern time come join us.

You can keep up with Jodi Stone on FB, at

and other Lil Anchor books at

Check out Anchor Group Publishing for other titles they publish at

Enjoy your adventures, WB