Hanging at the Moscow Aquatic Center today. With “Helga Returns”


Wow the Aquatic Center was great fun for the kids today. Slides, pools, obsiticle course, and more. We spent the day here today. I got some editing done on my second story “Helga Returns”.  When I returned to my hotel room the illustrator Kelly Murray sent me the final 4 illustrations for this story. I asked for some minor changes and may need one more. I have to see how they look as I add them to the book. Such fun. It is so cool to work anywhere. The kids and I came up with a possible new story. The Monster at the Aquatic Center. It jumps up and squirts mud and slime at kids then disappears. I wrote down some notes. The locals said don’t build the pools in this swap area the swamp monster will not like it. Needs work. We had fun thinking of ideas. Might be fun to develop stories as we travel around the country. Have a great day! WB


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