Leaving for trip back East to Michigan


Leaving the Northwest is very difficult for me. So much of our family lives out west and I miss the Northwest. I just want to build my dream house outside of Moscow, ID with the view of the Mountains. But all good things come to an end and the trip back east to our nice City of Big Rapids was long but a pleasant drive back through the mountains and gorge of Washington, Oregon, Wyoming. Then the midwest Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana. Here is a list of states we stopped in on this trip. Some were just a hour some for a few days.

Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington.

We were greeted to a huge Thunderstorm in Michigan. It flooded out basement, but it was a good opportunity to clean out all the junk we do not need and get it ready for my son to use. So have to take the good with the bad. I took a walk of our beautiful downtown in Big Rapids a couple of days after we returned home and forgot how beautiful and friendly it is. Friends were happy we came back so nice. We had 11 new windows installed the first week back. Kelly Murray finished the illustrations and now I need to finished the final edits and placing the illustrations in my book and hopefully Solstice Publishing will publish my second book.  Have a great day folks! WB

Saying good bye to familyA little tattered from traveling James Saves the Moon on the road again, heading home