Holly Black Book Signing! I am so stupid


One of my friends Grace asked me to attend Holly Black’s Book signing in Grand Rapids this week. At first I was like I have so much to do and need to finish my second story. Instead of thinking of a enjoyable evening the the responsible me comes out. I said yes so I could gather information how a book signing is conducted. Then I asked another friend Tracy to come along since she wants to help out when I have a book signing in Big Rapids.

So here I go with my note book enjoying the drive with two fun ladies. I get there and am writing down all of the proceedings. And wow is Holly Black funny, fun and entertaining. I have read the Spiderwick series and enjoyed it. I picked up complete volume set to be signed and Unicorns VS Zombies for my son. And now am going to start her series the Curse Workers. First book in the Series is White Cat. I had two books signed and she had bracelets to pick out of the type of curse worker we are. I picked up the grey one and now I am a memory curse worker and can change peoples memories. So fun. She also gave us all a free copy of “Tithe” audio book.

As I walked out I decided to give her my book. Grace and Tracy said you need your information in it.  Thinking this was just a information gathering thing for me. I did not have my business cards or my brief case. I always have books. For some reason now I am a nervous wreck right and can’t think at all. My wonderful friends calmed me down, told me to write the information on the last page. Which I did and gave it to her agent standing next to her. I hope she reads it and likes it. I will never leave my house again with out my brief case and cards need to be replaced in my purse.

The evening for some reason was magical. Perfect evening. When we got back to Big Rapids, we enjoyed some good conversation and wine on the patio. Here is her website http://www.blackholly.com.WB

2 thoughts on “Holly Black Book Signing! I am so stupid

  1. Tina

    Ms. Wendy, my brother always said “never leave the house looking frumpy cause you just never know when you’re going to meet your next (haha) husband”! This same logic would appear to be true with you….never leave the house without your cards, information, and of course….books! You just never know when you’re going to meet the next agent or publisher of your next book! 😀 Good for you for listening to your friends and going back to leave your book! She’s a respected, successful author and who knows what that encounter might turn into???? Even if nothing more than a wonderful night out with friends, it was totally worth it! 😉

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