Not the Best Morning for Writing


Greetings All,

I was hoping to finish chapter 2 this morning. It is not going to happen. I have road construction outside and construction in the house.  All of the construction is a very good thing. They are repaving the streets so no more pot holes . I live on a corner and they are paving both side streets. Lots of trucks and other equipment and beeping going on out there. My Bathroom is getting a much needed update. New Shower and Faucets on the  two sinks. 3rd bedroom is being painted. Actually the painter is quiet except when he uses his vacuum. Most of the time the contractors in the house do not bother me. I put in a CD, close the door to my office and travel to my imaginary world. I hope I can find some time tonight after the kids go to bed. Bedtime has been challenging with my twin 9 year olds the last couple weeks. I would not mind so much that they don’t fall asleep by 8pm. Just wish they would talk quietly instead of getting wild.

I really like my 3rd story. Tomfoolery and the  Yule Lads of Iceland. It is going to turn out to be a fun story. This story has been rattling in my head for about a month now it was going to be the 4th story.  When I cannot set it aside in my head or write the ideas that come in waves and return to the other story I have been working on. It means this story wants to be released now. I have the lay out done, basic outline, research done and assessable, introduction done and chapter 1 done. I was hopping to really get into the story and  have that wonderful feeling I am there experiencing everything my characters are experiencing. Not happening right now.  No flow keep getting pulled out of the imaginary world. So just more technical writing for a while.

Still waiting on a contract for book 2 Helga Returns

Until the next time, Have a Great Day, WB

P.S. Just a reminder “James Saves the Moon is available at,,,,,

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