At peace and sad, but we will adjust


Hi All,

Today I volunteered at our  local school scholastic book fair. It was wonderful to spend the day with Kids coming in for a sneak peak and not wanting to leave because they love books. Half of the Library was full of  shiny new colorful books.  I walked in the room in the morning and instantly I felt better. Being surrounded by such bold colors and so many books is a intense happy emotion. For me it is like the perfect warm sunny autumn day. Then when the kids came in to the Library. To see their excited faces and treating the books with respect is a very good thing. To top off the day. I got to spend the day with other special Moms and one Grandma. Every one of us picked up books to show how cute, cool, or who would like this book.We had a chance to really talk to each other. Usually we see each other in passing as we drop off in the morning or at the end of the day briefly to get our kids to their activities or events after school.

Why sad. It also made me think what happens when we stop printing children’s books. Kids love to touch, and open the book to discover the journey inside.All of us that volunteered, have a bond with books.  I think being able to turn the page and see the next illustration that goes with the special words is very important. I think touching the book the child feels a deeper connection to the book. I know we will adjust. I just wonder what a scholastic book fair will look like in the future. Will everything be online and you pick and choose the book to download. Or will tablets be displayed in the libraries where you can plug in flash drive or phone to download the book. Will we lose some of the enjoyment of the stories journey because we are not turning the page? Will flashing screens be as fulfilling and cause the same emotion? I think we may lose a little of the fun of reading when we lose print on paper.  Like all things we will adjust and it may be even better as technology improves. We may end up with holographs or just down loading the story to our brains. No written word at all.

Interesting if we lose the written word will humans start over again and wonder did we have this information before as many believe that all information or answers has always been here we lost it and must rediscover it again. Are we on this path?

Enjoy your book journeys while you can. Who knows written word may leave us and information will just be down loaded straight to our brains. Then what?

Have a good evening, WB

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