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Feeling philosophical today. Looking at the occupations through out the world and strike in Oakland yesterday. I see an awakening of the people. And its because of computers what ever form you are using. I also was looking at the Kindle Fire today. It sure looks sweet! I do like my nook! Most books come out on amazon first. Kindle Fire looks very easy to use. They accessories are nice do.

Will this help the Color Illustrated Children E book market?

Personally as an author of a Children’s Book at Solstice Publishing. I hope so! My girls want one or some other tablet. Amazon does control the market for books right now. Even though friends tell me the illustrations in my book James Saves the Moon look good in black and white. Color is much more appealing. Picture above is my book on the nook. Very appealing.

Will it help kids read more or better?

Personally I think so. Kids today are use to reading, listening, talking, mailing on computers. I believe we are seeing the end of massive print material. Good and Bad. We do learn from touching, feeling , smell, hear, visual.

Will touching a finger on a screen to change pages, answer questions, write reports lower learning?

I think not. Kids already in the schools are losing interest in the old format, sheets of paper and work books. The only negative is what will happen to writing skills.

We still need to learn to physically write words number.  Don’t we? Maybe Not?

Maybe this technology will free our minds to think about more things and documenting on a touch pad or keyboard will allow more creative thought and open the parts of the mind we do not use. I think its time for schools to look into teaching with some type of tablet or computer in the classroom at every desk. With smart boards on the walls.  Print textbooks have been gone for a while now at a lot of  school districts. I would not mind my children learning, taking tests, homework all on a tablet. Up front costs will be high. Down the road it will pay off. It will much cheaper to add a new chip and down load new materials. Best part will take up less storage area. I do disagree with getting rid of school buildings. Schools are vital for learning the 3 R’s, they also teach us how to live with others. We still need other humans in our lives besides our families. Especially troubled families.

Please feel free to add your opinion.

Enjoy the Adventure, WB

      James Saves the Moon is available electronically or in print from: Down load today to any device from


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