Review for The Key by Felicia Rogers


The Key, by Felicia Rogers

I found this story intriguing. I am not a young adult. A young adult I am sure would like this story. Looking back to feelings many of us have when we young wondering why we have such strange feelings. Or we wonder all the time why do things happen to us and we seem confused by the choices we make or are forced to make. Then our parents or guardians want to keep secrets from us and that confuses us as well. This book does a good job of describing the confusion we feel as a young adult about to embark on what we hope our future will be. When we are young, we are impatient and want to know now, what is our destiny and purpose is on this earth.  This story starts out with a young lady named Madelyn at her new school after a tragedy. More confusing to her is the two men introduced to her at the new school. One obsessed the other protective why? You have to read the story to find out. I liked the buildup to discover what the characters purposes are. Who really is evil. I liked the confusion of Doran/Dougal to discover his real purpose.

I like the paranormal use of Gryphons. It is different creature for our human to learn about.  Bravo on introducing this creature.

As you read along the purpose of the key is revealed and the importance of the key. I like the idea of quickly having to decide what actions the characters have to decide. Then realizing they need to fix errors in their judgment and are allowed a second chance.  I have always been a believer that when we make errors we do have the ability to fix most errors.  This book lets the young reader learn this, that one bad action or choice can later be corrected while enjoying a good tale.

I do feel that these books should have more detail, research on Gryphon, about the history and relationship of the Gryphons and humans from the past. I would have enjoyed some historical background or would have like more detailed descriptions of the action scenes, surroundings, magic, expressions and looks of all the key characters to feel like I was more an active participate in the story. As a short quick read it is a good story. But it could be a great story if more details and historically information about the characters was revealed.  Many authors write like this where you start in a certain time and then have prequels or other stories that are in the realm of fantasy writing. I think this author has great potential and should build a series on the Gryphons and human realms. I recommend this book it is exciting once you get past the first few chapters. I would like to read a prequel to the book. It would be interesting to know what happened 100 years ago and how the tower was erected, what magical abilities Madelyn’s Grandmother really can use to help.  I would have liked having a brief introduction or first chapter either describing how her parents died. Such as a winged creature starting a fire to rid the world of the key, and then move into the story of Madelyn at school.

Best Regards, Wendy Nystrom

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