Review of Bread of Fools


Good Day Folks,

I have the honor to review Bread of Fools by Duncan McGonall

This book is intriguing. Like many of us we reflect on our lives. The main character is reflecting on his life mostly his interactions with his brother.  Bruce wants to know what the secrets are and why he was kept in the dark. He begins to discover answers then there are more questions with vague answers.  He discovers how to be within two parallel universes. (Firma where humans live, and Supra where Gragona live) is called Nethertwain. There are eleven keys which control the Incarnation cycle and some of them are missing, which is throwing the mana out of balance between the two worlds. He has guides sometimes they are helpful often they create more frustration and he has to figure out how to make sense of what is going on. Bruce is a magi and had his powers bound so he was not aware. The story picks up after  bit too much detail at times bogs down the story much like Arthur C Clarke’s books, but I was very intrigued and wanted to know what was happening to Bruce and what he needed to do and his purpose is in the two universes. There are 11 keys to maintain the balance between Gragona and Firma universes and some of them are missing.  Once you get past the long build up it gets quite exciting which is why I am giving it a 4 star. It is a good read and look forward to Duncan McGonall next story.

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Enjoy Your Adventures , WB

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