Thursday Thriller Adventure! More than Magic indeed!


Good Day Folks,

Today I have a Thursday Thriller Adventure for you. More than Magic: Semester Abroad by Elizabeth Kirke

More than Magic: Semester Abroad

Well this is quite the thriller and more. Jen is excited about her summer abroad on a cruise ship and traveling to new places and meeting new people. Boy did she meet some new characters for sure! Then the unexpected happens and she is thrust into a new world of magic and magical beings. Her life has changed for ever. Will she live her life as it has been or will she embrace the world of magical beings living amongst us mere mortals. Or will she have no choice?  More than Magic indeed! I loved this story. You will have to read to find out what happens to this gal The visuals were spectacular. Quite the cruise. Full of wit, new friends,enemies, adventure, live changing, excitement and magic.  I wish my cruise was this much fun. I find them boring and mostly filled with boring people. I highly recommend this read. Look forward to second one in the series.

A little about the Author Elizabeth Kirke ~

Elizabeth Kirke wanted to be an author before she even knew what an author was. She used to say that she wanted to be an artist, but that was only because she was too young to write and had to tell stories with pictures instead. She hasn’t stopped writing since she learned how. It wasn’t long before she dreamed of becoming an author and couldn’t be happier now that that dream is a reality.

If she isn’t writing…well, let’s be honest; if she isn’t writing she’s probably on Facebook thinking that she should start writing. But, if she isn’t writing or on Facebook, she’s probably doing something involving books, baking, gardening, or yarn. In an ideal world, she’d be reading and knitting while something from the garden is in the oven. Then again, in an ideal world, she’d have a flock of ducks and a couple of goats.

Like most slightly-nosy, avid readers, Elizabeth can’t resist trying to catch a peek at books she sees people reading when out in public to see if she can figure out what it is. While doing just that one day, she realized that it would probably be the coolest-thing-ever if she caught a complete stranger reading one of her books. That’s her new dream.

You can keep up with Elizabeth’s Kirke More than Magic:Semester Abroad on her Facebook page:

Enjoy the magical adventure! WB

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