Shades and Shadows Thrilling Eerie Adventure


ShadesAndShadows_Cover_full-res  Good Day Folks,

 I was privileged to receive an advanced copy of this book.

This anthology is creepy, eerie and thrilling and a perfect read for this time of year. Starting the book with Music Man by Eric White was perfect. I knew more excitement was to come.  I could not wait to read all the other talented authors stories. I like to read fast scary, eerie stories this time of year this anthology does just that, to get me in the Halloween spirit.  You want your heart rate to increase, jump at every noise, and be reminded of that wonderful camp or sleep over stories then this is the perfect read for you. Every story flows off the pages as if you are right there within the pages of the story.  All these authors need to keep on writing. I really enjoyed the haunting stories. After reading the ARC book I downloaded for my kids to read.  My kids are 11 and older.  Every story is totally spooky and well written.  I highly recommend. This book is available now on Amazon and B&N

  Xchyler Publishing Kindle Store Link

 Enjoy the Adventure, WB

Wendy Nystrom Information

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