Writers Adventures 1



Good Day Folks,

I have had some changes in 2016.

I spent the beginning of last year thinking of where my writing adventure needs to go. I have spent most of the year focused on finding a Children’s Literary Agent. Having an agent that knows and understands the children’s market would, one send more children on wild adventures and help them release their inner magic we all have within us. Second allow me more time to write more adventures. Third move my writing career to the next level. So I spend a lot of time researching, writing queries. So far I have received some very nice rejections. I still am hopeful though. Just need to keep plugging away, that’s the business. I am also blessed my friend Pam Stack at Authors on the Air Global Radio Network http://www.authorsontheair.com/  https://www.facebook.com/authorsontheairglobalradionetwork read a couple of my books and told me she loved my original writing, will save the adventure for her granddaughter.. She brightened up my day with her kind review and told me to keep plugging away some one will want to represent me. Check out her interviews and the other interviews on Authors On the Air. I emailed a query this morning. Wish me luck!

I also started doodling on rocks. I saw a post called doodle stones and so I started seeing pictures in stones and doodling on rocks, then leave them around town to brighten up folks day. Here is a couple I have done. It relaxes me.






 I am still writing. Editing book 6 in my children’s series Well that is all I am going to say today. Next post I will talk about what I have been imagining. Thanks for dropping in today. Enjoy the Adventures the day brings you! WB


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