Embrace by Stacey Rourke Adventure *****


Good Day Folks,

 Stacey Rourke from Anchor Group has done it again. I am totally hooked on this series. 18 year old Celeste has to split her time being a college student, coffee house barista, protect those she cares about.Adjusting to being the CHOSEN ONE and lead her sidekick sibling to fight demons and a very dangerous foe. Follow along with this witty story as the Garrett family discover  the different factions of the world of the underworld.  Who do they trust? Will Celeste fall under the spell of a demon and let the gryphon fall to the power grabbing leader of the underworld? You will have to read the story and find out. Down load this exciting read today and find out. You won’t put it down.

 Enjoy and have a grand adventure today, WB


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