Side Kick Adventure


Good Day Folks,

Well I guess today is talk like a pirate day.  Shivery me timbers I have to wait until November for Stacey Rourke’s next Gryphon story. But alas mateys she has a short companion side kick story to tie us over. This adventure let us know who, what , when, where and how, Celeste’s sidekicks are doing in their day to day routine. Their is a surprise ending for us too and we are all invited.If you have read Conduit and Embrace you will love Sidekick Chronicles Gryphon Novella.

Download it today its only 99 cents and a fun quick read.

Now you can read about these sidekicks. Let’s talk sidekicks. I have many side kicks. Some folks consider me a leader.  I always considered my self a support member but I guess I do like to build teams to accomplish a goal. When I have a team I assess their strengths and weakness’s. Once I know what folks can do well, I let them run with those gifts and ignore their weakness’s. Once I build the team I  prefer to take a roll of cheerleader as goals are accomplished and let some one else take the stage. I take the lead when a ship is taking on water  and fix the leak and move the ship forward. I do not like to let good ships sink. Or I jump abroad full speed ahead of a well running ship like Anchor Group Publishing. When I hired There for You Editing. Dear sweet Melissa Ringstad suggested I send my stories to Anchor Group. Best advice I received. Been smooth sailing ever since. Anchor Group with Stacey Rourke as captain and Melissa as her first mate is one well run ship. I am glad I was allowed to jump abroad.  I also have been enjoying teaming up with three other kids authors. Cindy Springsteen, Jodi Stone and I are sailing along as a sidekick ship to Anchor Groups Big ship and have  been building a promo crew called  Lil Anchors. It has been so much fun and all of our crew have been spectacular. Big Thanks go out to the Lil Anchor Crew  they are a fun bunch, creative and help  promote our books. I prefer to stand in the back of the room and watch what was started or pushed forward and see the faces of success.  I surround myself with people who are willing to move forward on a project. I am lucky so far I have not made to many enemies along the way.  Mostly very good friends.

As you set sail on your adventure remember to fill the ship with lots of side kicks. WB

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