Friday The 13th a Day of Luck Really!


Lucky Friday the 13th adventure.

I learned earlier in the week via my lovely children. Every month that starts with a  Sunday there is a Friday the 13th in that month. Always feel lucky when I learn something new.

13 has always been a lucky number for me.13 looks cool too. Many of us begin the adventure of change from child to adult at 13. It is truly a magical number. So enjoy the adventure.

As you know from my previous post. I signed on with Anchor Group Publishing. My books are scheduled to be released in 2013. Two of my kids books have 13. The first one has 13 illustrations and Tomfoolery has 13 Icelandic yule lads and 13 illustrations. I guess Helga Returns just needed 16 illustrations to make the story  come alive.

I am heading out to purchase my 13 lotto tickets.

Have a lucky adventure today. WB