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My goodness I have been busy. I wrapped up hopefully the final edits for my third kids book. It is called Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland.  It sure is a fun adventure and the illustrations by Kelly Murray are fabulous. Should release in July. I have been working on my novel and 4th James Adventure. Soon I will have a website up and running. It is going to be a fun adventure too. Check out the sale going on below. Have a grand adventure WB

Cool news today April 15 through April 26th all Kindle Ebook Lil Anchors Titles will be 99 cents in the U.S Amazon Market and UK Amazon Market £0.77 .


US Amazon Link for my books

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All of the Children’s Books from Anchor Group “Lil Anchors” are on sale for .99  or £0.77.  So download them all.


Savanah’s Story by Jodi Stone

An Easter Bonnet for Lil by Jodi Stone

Waffles and Pancakes: A Lesson in Bullying by Cindy Springsteen

Dragon Wars by Emily Fogle

Ethan’s Story My Life with Autism by Ethan Rice

Fox and Rabbits Garden by Laurel Heger

The Conduit by Stacey Rourke

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Adventure Fun Blog Hop for Valerie Zambito’s book Angels of the Knights


When Fallon Angell died at the age of sixteen, her life changed forever.

The hallowed world of Emperica is everything she had ever hoped for as a mortal—immeasurable beauty, unconditional love and light.  But, with affection for humankind still burning within her, she joins the Knight Caste to train as an angel warrior.  As a Knight, she will give up her wings and return to the place that killed her to use her unique powers to search out and destroy the evil Kjin that roam the earth.  As a Knight, she will stop at nothing to protect the mortals in her care.

The elders warn her that the path she chose will be a solitary one.  That she will not have the same bond with humans as she once did.  But, as far as she knows, the elders had never met Kade Royce.

When her duties place her in the path of the handsome former cop, emotions buried long ago rise to the surface and she is powerless to ignore the depth of her feelings for this young man.  She knows instinctively that she has found what most people search their entire lives for.

Ignoring the risks, she invites him into her world of danger, but soon their lives collide with explosive consequence.  As a result, Fallon realizes with heartbreaking despair that she can no longer hide from the painful truth.  In order for Kade to live, she must destroy him.

About The Author

 Fantasy author, Valerie Zambito, lives in York, New York with her husband and three sons. After having been involved in a busy sales career for twenty years, a passionate love for great storytelling, world building, character creation, and all things magic have led to the release of her epic fantasy series, Island Shifters, and young adult, paranormal romance series, Angels of the Knights.

For more information regarding appearances and upcoming works, please visit www.valeriezambito.com.

Book One:  Island Shifters – An Oath of the Blood

Book Two:  Island Shifters – An Oath of the Mage

Book Three:  Island Shifters – An Oath of the Children (Coming Soon)

Angels of the Knights – Fallon

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Enjoy the Adventure, WB

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Supporting Authors One Read At a Time! I give it ***** 5 stars


For a year now since my first contract was offered and signed from Solstice publishing of my first book I have been spending lots of time on how to connect with readers, authors, reviewers, blogs and folks that are willing to help me understand all the new jargon, social media and  just about anything out there in the aether that connects us via internet. You ask anyone who really knows me I am a information Junky. I love it when something really catches my eye. I came upon this page by accident in December. And now part of the group.  I clicked on the link and loved the style of the site. Its like being in your living room next to a cozy fire and enjoying a good read. I love bookshelves. I also enjoy being part of this group. Many other authors have the same questions and concerns I do and we help each other.


Eri Nelson author of Dearhart Clan series available on amazon,created a Monthly Blog Magazine Called,  Wonderful Read of the Month, Supporting Authors One Read At a Time!

I think this blog magazine is a must read for authors, reviewers, aspiring authors and most importantly readers. In the monthly issues there are featured authors, reviews, book promos, good  articles, lists of good sites to gain information  whats happening out there in writing world. It is a nice combination for all. After enjoying the good articles is other featured books and reviews of books. Don’t take my word for it. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and a nice treat. Sit in your favorite chair and Enjoy the magazine and the rest of the offerings on the blog every month with out having to put it in the recycle bin after you are done. Just check out the link for yourself and enjoy the magazine and the rest of the site.

January’s issue features two Authors they are

Madeline Stone and Matthew Wood and his web series The Day the Sun Stopped Shinning  at http://sunstoppedshining.wordpress.com/  .

Interesting articles on reviewer methods,  WLC WoMen’s Literary Cafe, reviews and more.

Check out the blog http://www.wonderfulreadofthemonth.blogspot.com

Enjoy your adventures. Bye for now in Icelandic, Bles, WB

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