Dropped Anchor on a New Adventure!


Good Day Folks

So many exciting things going on lately.

In June my husband and I had a fabulous adventure in the Netherlands. So much to see and do there.

I have signed on with Anchor Group Publishing. Really excited about this fun aggressive group.  Stacey Rourke an accomplished author her self is steering this ship. I have read her two books Conduit and Embrace. I loved them good reads.
Her first mate VP Mellisa Ringstad a fab editor I met when I contracted her earlier in the year to edit some of my work at her other company http://thereforyoumelissa.blogspot.com. or

Stacey has a great team and I am enjoying working with everyone. The authors I have met are talented, fun and full of ideas.

I have a short story coming out in October in Anchor Groups anthology Paranormal Gone Awry. This is going to be a fun Halloween read for all ages.

My kids books James and Syvok Adventure series: James Moon Adventure will return in January of 2013. Helga Returns mid year and Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland in December o 2013.

In the mean time I am working on 4th James and Syvok adventure and my novel the New Moon Brethren.

Anchor Group has some really good books in their collection. Check out their blog 50% off special right now.

My other great news is I have someone willing to help out be an administrator on my Facebook page and this blog.
Please Welcome Amy. She is smart, pretty and a wonderful neighbor. Best part she is tech savvy. She will be reviewing books, talking about her adventures and helping me when she is available in between being a mom and her studies at the University.

I also happy to be at the same publisher again with Jodi Stone. She is one of my favorite kids authors . We have been helping each other for over a year now and have a great time reading each others work and giving each other helpful advice.Check out her books for little girls. They will love them.


I still will be working with Xchyler Publishing. Some really good books are scheduled for release  soon. I am enjoying reading submissions
Check out some of the covers on their facebook page.

Hope everyone is having some fun adventures this summer. I sure am
Enjoy the Adventure, WB

Supporting Authors One Read At a Time! I give it ***** 5 stars


For a year now since my first contract was offered and signed from Solstice publishing of my first book I have been spending lots of time on how to connect with readers, authors, reviewers, blogs and folks that are willing to help me understand all the new jargon, social media and  just about anything out there in the aether that connects us via internet. You ask anyone who really knows me I am a information Junky. I love it when something really catches my eye. I came upon this page by accident in December. And now part of the group.  I clicked on the link and loved the style of the site. Its like being in your living room next to a cozy fire and enjoying a good read. I love bookshelves. I also enjoy being part of this group. Many other authors have the same questions and concerns I do and we help each other.


Eri Nelson author of Dearhart Clan series available on amazon,created a Monthly Blog Magazine Called,  Wonderful Read of the Month, Supporting Authors One Read At a Time!

I think this blog magazine is a must read for authors, reviewers, aspiring authors and most importantly readers. In the monthly issues there are featured authors, reviews, book promos, good  articles, lists of good sites to gain information  whats happening out there in writing world. It is a nice combination for all. After enjoying the good articles is other featured books and reviews of books. Don’t take my word for it. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and a nice treat. Sit in your favorite chair and Enjoy the magazine and the rest of the offerings on the blog every month with out having to put it in the recycle bin after you are done. Just check out the link for yourself and enjoy the magazine and the rest of the site.

January’s issue features two Authors they are

Madeline Stone and Matthew Wood and his web series The Day the Sun Stopped Shinning  at http://sunstoppedshining.wordpress.com/  .

Interesting articles on reviewer methods,  WLC WoMen’s Literary Cafe, reviews and more.

Check out the blog http://www.wonderfulreadofthemonth.blogspot.com

Enjoy your adventures. Bye for now in Icelandic, Bles, WB

Wendy Nystrom books are