Review Princess Stories by Jodi Stone and Tidbits


Happy Friday All,

I really enjoyed reading Princess Stories by Jodi Stone. This book has two sweet stories that girls ages 5 to 8 would love to read or have read to them. They would also be good stories to read to our little princesses before bed.

The first book is called Confessions of a Pre-Teen Beauty Queen about a little girl who wakes up with a crown on her head.  The second book is called Ballerina Princess about a little girl who is nervous about her ballet try outs.

Both books are delightful, they both rhyme and flow just like little girls enjoy doing while the main characters Brook and Grace solve their dilemmas. It is a quick fun read. The books make you feel like you are there with them in the room. The illustrations are fun and my girls enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. I highly recommend this book.  This book is available  at and  as are other stories written by Jodi Stone. Collect them all


Supporting Authors One Read at a Time February’s blog Magazine is out and there are some wonderful articles This months featured Author’s are. Emerald Barnes and Michael Rivers. Check it out their books,  might be just what you want to read this weekend.

Xchyler Publishing Update Are you a fan of Dragons or Steampunk. Check out guidelines in notes at Xchyler Publishing Anthology on facebook. Give the page a like too.

Also would like to add a HUGE GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY YOUR Adventure to one of my Best Friends in the whole world son  Jesse Good Luck in Florida and Congratulations on your adventure at Disney World. Look forward to seeing you the next time we visit the Magic Kingdom. Can’t tell how happy I am for you! Hope it all goes very well for you. Tina you are the best Mom I know. “Hot diggity dog! See you real soon”

Enjoy Your Adventures, WB

Now I Wait


Well I submitted my second story today to Solstice Publishing imprint Fairy Tales and Dreams line.  I sure hope they will consider publishing this story too.  I spent most of the day working on cleaning out the office today. What a mess. My husband and I have been using the room for working and storage. Our work space no longer feels claustrophobic. Room to move and think. One of my goals for 2011 was to clear out clutter. I am hoping this will free my mind of wasteful clutter in my head too.  We can both spread out in our work spaces. Some Boxes still in the middle of the room many I have not opened since returning to the U.S from Iceland 6 years ago. I can’t believe its been that long now. Now I have to go through each one and decide what stays and what goes. All stored items will be moved to a plastic storage bin and moved to the basement. I am  switching out book shelves. Books are always welcome decoration for both of us. We love our books. We would move our many boxes of books instead of moving our bed or clothes. We have actually dumped furniture to make room in moving trucks for our books. They have traveled every where we have gone. We are a funny couple. Anyway plans tonight celebrating a special friends 70th birthday tonight. Happy Birthday Grace if you read my blog.  Have a great weekend. WB