Funny thoughts as I write and edit*****Huge Rock or Boulder?


I am finishing up the final edits before I submit my second story “Helga Returns” to Solstice Publishing. I finish editing with reading the story out loud and I discovered should I use boulder or huge rock? I thought I should use one or the other. I spent about a half hour looking at various definitions of rocks and boulders it was quite interesting. There does not really seem to be a difference between huge rock or a boulder. Then the question to myself is? Which would be more appealing to a child? My kids did not seem to think it made any difference. No help at all. As I was looking at different definitions, I decided the real difference is, and should be added to the definitions. If they are stationary or moving. When you drive along our beautiful roads, the warnings always says falling rocks not falling boulders. So I decided to change stationary huge rocks to boulders and falling rocks to huge falling rocks. That is my adventure in writing today. Hope you enjoy and smiled.WB

3 thoughts on “Funny thoughts as I write and edit*****Huge Rock or Boulder?

  1. Tina

    I did enjoy this thought process very much! 😀 Huge falling rocks sounds good to me, I think better than boulder…in my opinion. No excitement in the word boulder…lots of excitement in HUGE FALLING ROCKS! Much more emotion evoking response to that phrase…..just sayin’!

  2. Liz

    Mind you, maybe it’s a regional thing but I’d vote for ‘boulder’ – “And over his shoulder he carried a rock as big as a boulder!” Any English child aged 2-6 will be able to tell you what book *that* comes from (not sure if you have Julia Donaldson books in the US though) A boulder (to me) is something that couldn’t be carried by you or me but by a giant, a strong woman/man … or in this case the big bad mouse! A large rock could be any size from just over a pebble to the size of a house. Depends how big your rock is really …:-)

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