Good Things


Well the Editor from my first book contacted me. YEAH!

I went to the website and was enjoying the updates and looking at the information. Then I noticed the some of the email addresses had changed. So I resent my second manuscript Helga Returns and asked if I could have my bio added to the first book.

Christie Browers emailed  me back Saturday,(Hard working gal) on the bio question. She is looking into it. Some how it did not get into the original file by me. I guess I was to excited about getting published. I also noticed she has been promoted to President of Solstice Publishing. Congrats to her! Now I understand why I have not received any emails. I am relieved she contacted me. Hopefully soon she will let me know if they will publish the second story.  Have a Grand Day, WB

 P.S. Just a reminder “James Saves the Moon is available at,,,

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