Happy Birthday Day to my twins.


My girls turn 9 today. It was quite a surprise 9 years ago that not only was I able to have another child that I was going to have twin girls. So Happy Birthday Alexandria and Bethany my beautiful, smart strong willed gals. You are truly wonderful daughters.

The girls are so excited that they were included in my second story as two turquoise dragonets. Bethany said she hopes I get a contract on her birthday for the second book. They want to hit the road and promote the books. Alex is the dragon with the horns, she decided. They are both so much fun. My children have been the inspiration for this writing adventure I am on. They are truly a blessing. Have a wonderful day. WB

P.S. Just a reminder “James Saves the Moon is available at

solsticepublishing.com, amazon.com, smashwords.com, barnesandnoble.com

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