One Moon, lovely memories, creativity!


Tonight the moon is so beautiful it reminded me of the evening this story began in Iceland. I just wanted to share one of the beautiful Illustrations by Mr. Weidman in my book James Saves the Moon. For some reason I received a lot of posts today from or about Iceland. When driving home from the store I saw this beautiful moon. The moon beams is suppose to have healing properties so I suggest you get out and enjoy a little moon beam tonight. I am. I also came up with an opening paragraph to my 4th story with James and his Icelandic Friends and the Icelandic 13 Santas. So exciting. Still working on the 3rd one. I am stuck, but I think the creative synopsis are finally working in my head. I hope to have dreams tonight that will guide me  with my 3rd story. I need to decide which to focus on my 3rd story or work on a new idea formulating in my head. (New Moon Book Store)Sometimes it gets confusing. I think next week I will work on Amongst the Clouds which is the third story in the James and Syvok adventures. Although no title yet the 4th story idea in this series is Christmas related but I do not know if I could finish in time for Christmas this year. As the days get shorter and  coolness in the air begins, I seem to always want to write about an adventure with 13 Icelandic 13 Santas or Yule Lads meet James, Syvok and Matt. It would be such fun. Who knows maybe more of the story will come to life in the next few days. Enjoy the healing properties of the moon beam tonight. WB

P.S. Just a reminder “James Saves the Moon is available at,,,,,

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