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I am just rolling along writing then boom need information. This leads to research. Research is vital to most stories. One of my good Icelandic pals and faboulous teacher, Rannveig helped with with some details on the Yule Lads, and some good links. I found a couple of other good links as well. Who could not love the Christmas time fun of the Yule Lads and their evil Mom and Lazy Father. Don’t forget the mean scary black cat. It is a perfect folk tale during the cold dark months in Iceland and else where. Enjoying the adventure with James and Syvok. Here is the Yule Lads.

The 13 Icelandic Yule Lads:

1.StekkjastaurStiffy Legs

2. Giljagaur- Gully Jumper

3. Stúfur- Stubby

4. Þvörusleikir- Spoon Licker

5. Pottasleikir- Pot Licker

6. Askasleikir- Bowl Licker

7. Hurðaskellir- Door Slammer

8. Skyrgámur- Yougart Gobbler

9. Bjúgnakrækir- Sausage Snatcher

10. Gluggagægir- Window Peeper

11. Gáttaþefur- Door Sniffer

12. Ketkrókur- Meat Hook

13. Kertasníkir- Candle Stealer

Grýla– Hag their Mother who is hungry and likes to eat children, but her sons never bring any back from their travels down the mountain.

Leppalúði-  Ragamuffin the lads father and he is lazy and naps a lot

Jólakötturinni – The Christmas Cat- Mean looks for scraps and will scratch or bite just because it wants to.

Information provided by  Friends in Iceland and Wikipedia

Back to my story Tomfoolery and the Icelandic Yule Lads.

Bles, WB

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