Learned what widgets are yesterday


Good Evening Folks,

Widgets. Widgets are a way to link data to your blog or website. I discovered this while investigating wordpress features. My question why not just call them add ons for side bars? So I have successfully added with widgets my facebook link, twitter link, a picture of me with holding my book James Saves the Moon. I need sales big time. Only sold one book this summer. Elementary Children love this story. If you have a son, nephew, grandson named James they will really enjoy the story. And a dragon on every picture.

Available at:






James Saves the Moon by Wendy Nystrom: This is for the younger kids. My 5 year old LOVED having me read this to him. And he loved finding a dragon in every picture. The story is adorable, and teaches some too. My son learned about Iceland, and he learned that nothing is ever out of reach, if you try hard enough, and believe it can be done! I loved it! 5 of 5 stars!

Simplistic Halloz Books has agreed to review my book. I hope they like it. Here is their link. http://www.simplistik.org/shbooks/?page_id=50

I am posting every day on my twitter and facebook. Nice that I figured out how link to all these sites. I do know  two folks have decided to buy my book which is cool but I need about a 100 or more sales. Still looking at reviewers websites. Sent a request to another one today.

I finished my first draft of my 3rd chapter today on my 3rd story Tomfoolery and the Yule Lads of Iceland. I am having fun with this story.

Well that is about it for tonight. Hope every one has spectacular dreams tonight.The moon has been beautiful and bright and I think mars is the bright planet I can see off to west every evening.

Bles, WB

One thought on “Learned what widgets are yesterday

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