Love this opening


Good Day, I am writing and thought I would share this from the 1st chapter. Can’t wait for Kelly to make the illustration for this.Now back to chapter 3.

Have a great day, WB

“James jumps off his bed and races to the window and opens the both sides of the window. Its Matthias or Matt as James calls him the blue dragon and Syvok is standing on his back holding on to the golden shiny rope. Syvok dressed in green vest, brown pants and shirt, and his funny Robin Hood hat with ear flaps down over his pointy ears, jumps into James’s room. James steps back as Matt hangs his head in the window. They both ask “What are you doing?” The turquoise streaks in the in the dark day sky is the dragonets Alexandria and Bethany looping around like antique planes.  “Hi,” says James.  He waves to the dragonets and enjoys watching the dragonet zooming around like dancing northern lights in the sky. The Dragonet’s tip their wings in salute to James. It’s December so its dark 24 hours a day in Akureyri, Iceland and the dragons glitter and shine against the darkness. James is excited this means another adventure in the near future.”

      James Saves the Moon is available electronically or in print from: Down load today to any device.



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