Review Anissa Part One


 Good Evening , Anissa part one written by XchylerConn  just recently posted  on Solstice Publishing.  This is going to be a free series you can down load. First I would like to say I love the cover.  The cover intices me to look further into the book. The intro was gripping and I wanted to know more, what is going on, why is she confused.

I found Chapters 1 through 4 quite intriguing and interesting. Its is spooky and eerie . I want to know more about all the players. What is a question asked by Rachelle. Do you know what? She asked. I want to know what does it mean Anissa is the key to the Gate and what lays beyond the gate.  I want to know who really is the good guys and bad guys. The ending is a good cliff hanger.  Can’t wait for part two. I recommend this quick read and get into the Halloween spirit. Bye for now, WB

Link to Anissa Part One


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