Special Message That Made My Day


Hello Folks,

Discovered a sweet message in the other folder in message area on facebook dated September 20th. I sent a copy of James Saves the Moon to the sweet older gentleman who lived in the flat next to us in Iceland. He was like a Grandpa to my kids. His name is Gudmunder. He was thanking me for the book and said it was well written. Made my day. I really miss him. Like the majority of Icelanders he loved children and enjoyed having us live next door. He is featured in chapter 2 of my book, James Saves the Moon.

He use to have James my son who was 7 at the time visit him. They would chat and he would always have a sweet pastry treat for James. He was kind to my twin daughters too but they were shy and only 2. My son’s bedroom shared a wall with his flat. Our floor the second, only had two flats, we had this cool circular stairway that led out down out of the building. Our flat had a beautiful view of the fjord, downtown, and the mountains. Our liveing room and dining room had one entire wall just windows. My girls had a view of the mountains and my son’s room on the opposite side of the girls had a view of the fjord, other mountains where we would usually see the moon above or on the mountains.We could also watch the ships come in the harbor. It was fabulous.  It brought back happy times and a less stressful life style where children can come and go any time. Babies left on the door stoop in prams for their naps.Folks just stop by and have coffee, chat and a treat. My son remembers the nice gentleman and that he is a pilot and had model airplanes.  After being back in the states for nearly six years now, I did not realize how stressful our lives are here. All the silly things we worry about. Why we have to be so busy, it just seems we do not have time to enjoy life with this worry go go life here.

Gundmunder is featured again in the third book I am currently writing Tomfoolery and Yule Lads of Iceland.

Still waiting for a contract from Solstice Publishing for my second book Helga Returns.

Anyway I hope to return some day and see all my wonderful friends in Iceland again. Maybe I can have a book signing there. How Fun that would be.

To read about Gundmunder and see the picture of him in chapter 2, down load my book today James Saves the Moon

James Saves the Moon

      James Saves the Moon is available electronically or in print from: Down load today to any device from



Get out and enjoy the adventure of each day Bles, WB


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