Helga Returns


Good Evening Folks,

James Saves the Moon

What a evening it is. The moon is so awesome tonight. The moon has been big and bright all week Its the type of moon people write about. I know I did with my first book James Saves the Moon published by Solstice Publishing.

Let me know what inspires you to create

The moon appears low, so it looks like it is touching a mountain, tree, seas, lakes, and buildings. It no wonder the pagans believe the moon beams have healing powers. I went out and asked the moon goddess to heal me tonight.Go out take and look and close your eyes and feel the healing of the moon beams. Then look at the moon and you will feel better. I do.

I have other good news. Friday in the afternoon, I received the contract for my second book.  Helga Returns will be published by Solstice Publishing.

I was so excited. My illustrator Kelly Murray is happy about it too. She has friends who are ready to buy the book. So cool. Kelly and I are working on the third book. She has finished the cover for that one too. The cover is the best. I love it!  I have to get back to writing this book. Get some moon beams you will feel better. Good Evening, WB

      James Saves the Moon is available electronically or in print from: Down load today to any device from



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