March Reading Month A Grand Day


Good Day Folks,

Pretty Excited our Website went live today. I think it looks great!

Congrats to Carrie Beeson owner and Mary Duke Marketing Director looking forward to sharing the adventure! (Give us a like please)

Nice work Carolyn Gill owner of CG Graphic Design!

Looking forward to reading submissions. Some great authors out there. I look forward to see the new look my books will have. We are just about to move to the next stage and offer contracts. Just waiting for some legal documents from our attorney. The entire staff have been working editing reading and preparing for when we launch with some some fab authors.

Other News:

My husband was granted Tenure today. Woo Hoo. Its the first time in the states. He was granted Tenure when he taught/researched at the University in Akureryi, Iceland. When we moved back he had to start the Tenure Process all over again. My husband’s paper was accepted at a conference in the Netherlands. So we are going together and celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary. Should be fun.

Walked in to the Elementary school this morning and it was like walking into a cabin, with a campfire and camping chairs  in the lobby for kids to get their books out and read by the camp fire. So Cool. Our Theme this Year is “Rock Your Reading With Outdoor Adventure” First Author Visit is Buck Wilder

While I was writing this I finally came up with the name of my new Series, Introduced by Blaze the Dragon “New Moon Brethren” at the New Moon Bookstore

Well It has been a wonderful adventure today.

Enjoy Your Adventure, WB

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