Friday the 13th Love it!


13 is a number I like. Always been a good and lucky number for me.  Its odd like me. 

My girls started out Friday the 13th by petting Fred the Black cat. Poor Fred they mauled him as he was trying to get in from outside. He was delayed taking his early morning nap in the basement. He looked at them as if they were insane. When they were done he zoomed down to the basement to sleep in the saucer chair he likes facing the stairs.

Two of my Books have 13 illustrations. James Saves the Moon has 13 including the cover.

Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland has 13 illustrations, 13 yule lads and 13 chapters.

I should have paid more attention to Helga Returns and made sure there were 13 illustrations in that book too. Hindsight is 20/20.

All three of my kids books will be released late June or early July in e book and print. Pretty excited about that!

My novel I am working on New Moon Brethren probably will have 13 in there somewhere.Maybe I will have the wolf child become the leader and will unite the packs on Friday the 13th under the new moon that the New Moon Brethren have been raising and protecting since his parent died.

All if all on this Friday the 13th I have having a grand day.

I purchased 13 potted flowers today. 10 went to the front of the local elementary. 3 in a pot in the front of my house.

A student at the university contacted me and wanted my opinions for an essay she is writing about  children’s literature. This is a honor. A  professor to send her my direction.  I just happen to have written a  couple of children’s books I would not consider myself an expert on the subject. I answered the questions and enjoyed myself. I always like being in touch with the students.

I have been reading many submissions and enjoying this too.

All and all I would say Friday the 13th is a very good day for me and I petted Fred the Black Cat too. I of course waited until he was done with his nap and demanded attention by jumping on my desk and sticking his head over the top of my monitor.

Don’t forget to check out Aprils Edition of Supporting Authors One Read At A Time Magazine. Some real good articles.

I am off to buy 13 lotto tickets.

Enjoy 13 things and 13 adventures today. WB

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