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Good Day Folks,

I have been having a grand adventure with Anchor Group Publishing. Just finished final edits for James Saves the Moon face lift, with Melissa the editor who is great to work with. If you are looking for an editor check out There For You Book Editing  and Reviews her other business besides Anchor Groups Jack of all trades.

My neighbor Amy my friend and fab admin helped  with edits too. Check out her blog

Next step formatting and adding the illustrations to the manuscript. I am told it may release sometime in 2012. I am very excited it was first scheduled for sometime in January 2013.

Very aggressive group at Anchor with  Captain Stacey Rourke at the helm and a talented writer herself. It is turning out to be smooth sailing with this group.

Since Joining Anchor Group I have downloaded every book they have published and started reading them.

I have read

Golden by Monika Pardon. I loved this book. Begins with a young gal at her Grandmother’s funeral. Everyone is against her for some reason, she cannot trust anyone. Then an encounter with three bears. Yes three bears. She has been changed into something and finds out how important she is to the world or worlds. A lot for this young lady to take on. Not to give away anymore of the story.  I recommend this good read. It was fun and a clever way to find out what happens after an encounter with three bears. The rest of the story so to speak. Down load today you will enjoy the adventure.

Next post will be Ethan’s Story My Life With Autism, by  Ethan Rice

Followed by Written by Stacey Rourke

I am currently Reading




Check out these books. I am enjoying my Anchor Group Adventure. Enjoy the Adventure WB

You can keep up my adventures at or

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