Sailing with Anchor Group


Good Day,

As reported in my last post I have started reading all the titles published by anchor group.
Anchor Groups website and Facebook page

Next up is Ethan’s Story: My life with Autism, By Ethan Rice

This book is written from an child’s point of view and Ethan did a fabulous job  relating his story.  The book is colorful and fun. While at the same time teaches us the struggles and misunderstanding of children with autism. My girls read the book and thought it was quite interesting. They have an autism program at their school. And at times would come home and ask why did a AI child to this or that. After reading the book and being exposed properly at school they now have a better understanding and realize these children have the same struggles as they do in school. They  just have a different way it is portrayed in the public.  I found this read insightful, fun and interesting. And Yes Ethan we are the way we are and its a good thing we all have special gifts and struggle. I am purchasing this book for our schools Autistic program at the school. I hope the school will incorporate the book at the school and use it as a learning tool.You can keep up with Ethan’s adventures on Facebook  at

Next up in Stacey Rourke’s book Conduit-Gryphon Series. I was going to review Embrace. Conduit is the first in her exciting Gryphon witty series so I decided to start with Conduit.


Enjoy your adventures, WB

August issue is out   and you can check out books on facebook page

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