Conduit Adventure


The Conduit by Stacey Rourke. Wow what a read! I am hooked on this series now.
Starts out with Celeste Garrett and her siblings from Michigan heading South to move in with their Gram. Their father recently passed away and their Mother is off taking care of business. Celeste pricks her finger on a family treasure in the garage and poof her world and her sibling’s world is turned upside down with strange  powers and new responsibilities.  All she wanted to do was settle in and go to college not what the universe had in mind for her or her siblings. The story will make you laugh, cry and sit on the edge of your seat all at the same time. Enjoy the trials, tribulations as these young adults embark on a 17th century family commitment in the 21st century. Anchor Group publishing has reduced the price to $1.99 on amazon. What a deal!

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You can keep up with Stacey Rourke on FB at  OR on her blog  which she currently has a giveaway going on.

I highly recommend this fun read. Next review adventure will be Embrace, by Stacey Rourke the second on in the series.

Enjoy the Adventure, WB

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