Anchor Groups Book Club Adventure


Good Day Folks,

Anchor Group led by our Captain Stacey Rourke has  put together a fun adventure.

Anchor Group now has 26 authors sailing on her ship and we now have a monthly book club. Just in one day 60 mates  joined AG Book Club.

First book up is S.P.I.R.T by Dawn Gray and it is a good read so far 1st day and we have our first Q/A already in the group. Coupon code only good for a few days join now to read and report.


If you would like to join the group let me know with a private message on my wendysbookcase Facebook page or go to Anchor Group Facebook page and we will add you to the group. or

Come join the fun and adventure with a different Anchor Group book every month.

Enjoy your adventure today!


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