AG Book Club Adventure~ Golden and Ethan’s My Life with Autism


Good Day Folks,

I am having a grand adventure at Anchor Group Publishing book club. This month  we had two books to read, enjoy and report on.

Ethan's Story My Life with Autism Just click on the cover to take you to the amazon link.

The first book is a Children’s book called Ethan’s Story: My Life with Autism

This book is written from an child’s point of view and Ethan did a fabulous job  relating his story.  The book is colorful and fun. While at the same time teaches us the struggles and misunderstanding of children with autism. My girls read the book and thought it was quite interesting. They have an autism program at their school. And at times would come home and ask why did a AI child to this or that. After reading the book and being exposed properly at school they now have a better understanding and realize these children have the same struggles as they do in school. They  just have a different way it is portrayed in the public.  I found this read insightful, fun and interesting. And Yes Ethan we are the way we are and its a good thing we all have special gifts and struggle. I am purchasing this book for our schools Autistic program at the school. I hope the school will incorporate the book at the school and use it as a learning tool.You can keep up with Ethan’s adventures on Facebook  at


Golden - Monika Pardon The Second book we were given to read was Golden by Monika Pardon

Just click on the cover for link to amazon.

 I loved this book. The story begins with a young gal attending her Grandmother’s funeral. Everyone is against her for some reason, she cannot trust anyone. Then while in the woods she has an encounter with three bears. Yes three bears. She has been changed into something and finds out how important she is to the world or worlds. A lot for this young lady to take on she does not really know who to turn to or trust. There is a handsome young man of course but is he on her side or her enemies. Not to give away anymore of the story.  I recommend this good read. It was fun and a clever way to find out what happens after an encounter with three bears in the woods. Down load today you will enjoy the adventure. You can keep up with the author Monika Pardon on facebook at

I really enjoyed these two books. I think you will enjoy the adventures too. For all of Anchor Group Publishing Books check out their facebook page at

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My book James Saves the Moon is available in e-book or print on amazon. You can keep up with my adventures at http:///

Enjoy the Adventure, WB


Anchor Groups Book Club Adventure


Good Day Folks,

Anchor Group led by our Captain Stacey Rourke has  put together a fun adventure.

Anchor Group now has 26 authors sailing on her ship and we now have a monthly book club. Just in one day 60 mates  joined AG Book Club.

First book up is S.P.I.R.T by Dawn Gray and it is a good read so far 1st day and we have our first Q/A already in the group. Coupon code only good for a few days join now to read and report.


If you would like to join the group let me know with a private message on my wendysbookcase Facebook page or go to Anchor Group Facebook page and we will add you to the group. or

Come join the fun and adventure with a different Anchor Group book every month.

Enjoy your adventure today!