James Saves the Moon Adventure!


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I have great news. You can now purchase my book in print or ebook on Amazon. What a ride this has been. It is so nice to have it back out in print updated and  it looks snazzy. I really am enjoying working with the ladies at Anchor Group Publishing.  I love the new look of the cover. Good reviews already have been posted.  Now I am working on a short story for a blog tour starting on December 12th. Should be fun and includes a sleigh ride.

james cover

Enjoy your holiday adventure! WB





Just in from our Captain Rourke, Read Below ,Anchor Group Black Friday and Beyond Adventure!


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  Ahoy mateys all Anchor Group Titles are 99 cents this weekend. Find your favorite anchor group title and down load before Tuesday. Or  take a look at one of the other authors you may not be aware of from Anchor Group. Anchor also has a wonderful selection of  Lil’ Anchor Titles. All 99 cents for limited time.



Links for these Lil Anchor Adventures:

James Saves the Moon

Savannah’s Story

Ethan’s Story: My Life with Autism

Waffles and Pancakes: A Lesson in Bullying

Baby Jaimie Goes to the Hospital

  Anchor Groups Anthology

   Paranormal Gone Awry

  (My Short Story is number 4 page 100 in this book)

More covers for Adult and Young Adult from Anchor Group

Links to these Fab Adventure Reads


Daughter of Red Dawn


Brown House

The Many Lives of Avery Snow







The Sidekick Chronicles

Yes all these great books are only 99 cents through Tuesday. So download from Amazon Soon. You will enjoy every one of these great reads young and old. It will be a grand adventure! I love adventures. I have them all on my kindle. Remember if you do not have a kindle you can always down load a kindle app for free.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the adventure! WB

Publishing And Relase Adventure James Saves the Moon!


Good Day and Happy Saturday Folk,

Let me introduce my book James Saves the Moon. It is available in ebook  now. Soon print. Just click on the link to amazon next to the cover on this post. I am so excited can you feel it. I really love this writing adventure.

James Saves the Moon

In other news I have a release party event set up for  Tuesday, November 20 on Facebook noon to 9pm. Fun and Games for everyone.

Here is the event page. Come join the event. https://www.facebook.com/events/470290863022386/

We will have a giveaway every day until the event on Tuesday. There is a grand prize basket available. If you down load my book from amazon and provide me proof  of your order. You will be added for the drawing November 20th at 8:45 by random.org.  Good Luck and I hope you enjoy the story. At the release event there will be ebooks, bookmarks, bracelets available to win on Tuesday. Hope to see you there for the release adventure for James Saves the Moon. Enjoy your adventures, WB 

Basket full of Goodies for James Saves the Moon release event

James and the Magic Carousel Adventure at Anchor Group Halloween Funhouse


Good Morning Folks,

I am the middle child in our crossover Lil Anchor’s blog short stories tour. I hope you enjoy my story.  Read the story and join me for games later at the Anchor Group Halloween Funhouse Event.


Flying with Ease


James was on holiday back in the states. His parents dragged him to a circus. All he could think of was how much he missed his dear friends at home. He sluggishly walked to the kid’s tent and looked in. What he saw was quite a sight. Three pretty girls dressed in pink, screeching and awing over some ballerina bears. While James watched the spectacle unfold, his thoughts traveled to his friends at home in Iceland. Oh the screeching he would hear if Matt the dragon and Syvok appeared.  James looked again then jumped on the carousel. His stone necklace was all aglow. How strange! His stone was warm and was glowing which usually meant Matt and Syvok were near. He waved to the girls and dancing bears. The carousel spun in circles and started to twirl faster and faster. All of a sudden they were all swirling in the air above the carousal.  He was spinning faster and screaming in fear. As they reached the top of the big tent, he covered his ears with his hands to deaden the high pitched screech of the girls. They all seemed to come to a stop and he reached out to grab the top of the tent. He could not reach it. All was quiet as he looked to the ground. Why this was it, he was sure, he would be a heap on the ground all covered in pink. What a horrible way to end, he was sure. He closed his eyes in fear, when all of a sudden something grabbed the back of his shirt. His stomach groaned as he hit the top of the striped tent and girls were screeching again. He opened eyes to a wonderful sight. He saw the blue blur of Matt the dragon. Matt caught him has he began to fall and Syvok was there to help grab the girls. Matt zoomed around with all of us in tow before gently landing next to the carousel. The girls and bears jumped off to watch the show as Matt hopped one, two, and three back in the air. He zoomed all through the tent gliding by the girls and they smiled and giggled with glee. The three bears danced away and jumped on the still hidden carousel again. Matt, the glittering blue dragon, flew up and Syvok, my fairy friend, was tossing his fairy dust. It was quite the sight. He jumped off of Matt and grabbed the swinging trapeze. Matt flies around again. Syvok grabbed James’s arms. They were swinging back and forth above the carousel. It was so much fun. James came up to the platform and jumped off, waiting for Syvok to swing back. The girls were laughing and squealing with joy. Syvok swung back and had his arms held out. James was ready to jump and swing some more. James heard “Jump!” and jump he did. He was swinging through the air. Syvok said “Trust me! We are going to give them the greatest show on earth.”

He flipped me and let go of my arms. James heard the sweet laughter of Matt, the blue dragon, as he landed perfectly on his back. James grabbed the rope around Matt’s neck. He stood tall and waved as Matt flapped his wings and flew in circles. James looked over and Syvok was standing on the swing. He jumped off and was a green blur as he did a triple spin. Matt said hold on and they zoomed like a blue missile towards the green spinning haze. Syvok missed, of course. James turned to look behind and he was bouncing up and down holding on to Matt’s tail. James laughed so hard his stomach hurt. Matt flipped his tail as Syvok landed behind James. Matt the dragon flew to the ground and James jumped to safety. He took off in a blue blur up to the center of the tent and tipped his wings to say good night. ”

Have a grand holiday James”, bellowed Matt. Syvok tossed up his glittering fairy dust and off they went, out to the new center opening of the tent. James and the girls watched as the dust floated down and sparkled around.

James heard him say, “Syvok and I must leave, so jump back on the magic carousel, it will spin and spin, and there will be a surprise again.”

The End or is it……. Check out Cindy’s Springsteen’s Post Monday on her blog for the finale.

Don’t forget to put your name in the drawing at Anchor Groups Rafflecopter for the huge basket of goodies the winner will be announced on Halloween. a Rafflecopter giveaway

A huge thank you to Ruthi Kight  for helping with last minute much needed edits. Check out what is happening on her FB page at R&M Fab Book Reviews. Ruthi and MaryAnn have some fun stuff going on their page, blog and spooktacular party event



As always Enjoy the adventure, WB

Wendy Nystrom’s, Recently published her short story New Moon Brethren Blaze- Changeling  in the Anthology “Paranormal Gone Awry” Available on Amazon.


Her Kids  Book “James Saves the Moon” will be released in November.

You can keep up with the latest updates of my writing adventures at https://www.facebook.com/Wendysbookcase

Doll House Adventure “Savannah’s Story by Jodi Stone


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I have been a huge fan of Jodi Stone’s sweet stories for a couple of years now. We met at a different publisher. And now are together again at Anchor Group Publishing.I love the Stone sisters adventures.

I have compared her books to Pinkalicious series. I think Jodi’s stories are better and more entertaining and always has a subtle life lesson.

In Savannah’s Story: Savannah is bored  and goes to her dollhouse and makes a wish.  All of a sudden she is playing inside the doll house and having a wonderful time. How many

of us wanted to play in our doll houses.

I see it with my own girls. They play for hours with their dollhouses. I listen to their imaginations while they play. What wonderful fun they have in their doll houses. And like the story it is time to go home and be

with the family and have fun with them too. My girls love Jodi’s illustrations and her stories. Bravo my friend you have done it again. Yes we must always remember to believe in magic it is all around us and is

what makes dreams come true.

Savanah’s Story is a 5 star read. If you have a little girl in your house they would love this story.

We are going to have some fun at Jodi Stone’s Savannah’s Story Launch Party starting at 6pm eastern time come join us.


You can keep up with Jodi Stone on FB, at https://www.facebook.com/JodiStone.ChildrensBookAuthor

and other Lil Anchor books at https://www.facebook.com/LilAnchors

Check out Anchor Group Publishing for other titles they publish at https://www.facebook.com/anchorgrouppublishing?ref=ts&fref=ts

Enjoy your adventures, WB