Twirrely by Brenda Lochinger Adventure


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Twirrely cover

Today I am on the Twirrley Adventure. This is the second book in the Nut Family Series by Brenda Lockinger.  Wonderful book for ages 5 to 10. This book will be releasing May 6, 2014 for kindle and nook. It looks like it will be just as fun as the first book “I’m Squirrely”  Follow the adventures of Squirrely, who can’t help but to be wiggly and a day dreamer!which is available now Squirrely Kindle Link 

Now a little about Twirrley by Brenda Lochinger

Twirrely cover I’m Twirrely! is the second book in The Nut Family series. It’s about a sweet sassy little squirrel that just wants to dance and be with her friends and family. Twirrely takes you through her day and shows you why her name suits her so well. Here is a link to preorder now

A little about author Brenda Lochinger

book pic: Brenda Lochinger was born March 2nd in Milwaukee, WI and is currently living in Gilbert, AZ. She is married and has three children, two boys and a girl. She loves writing children’s books and poetry. Her hobbies include reading, writing, spending time with her family, and drawing in pen and ink. When she is not writing and taking care of family, she volunteers her time at her children’s school libraries. 

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Tomfoolery Local Release Adventure


1070064_10152043974573056_1021712777_nGood Day Folks,

 Wow, what a fantastic year so far. A few months ago I was picking some of my favorite Kilwins Sea  Salt Chocolates my secret stash. I pick up a small box about every two weeks my favorite is the milk chocolate caramels. I digress and my mouth is watering.

I started chatting with the owner Carlleen Rose,  of  The Old Pioneer Store and Emporium/Kilwins of Big Rapids about my new book coming out in July and I am thinking of a Christmas in July event online.

She said release it at my store. I was so excited. Well the time has finally come. My official release of Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland, will July 19th at The Old Pioneer Store and Emporium/Kilwins of Big Rapids, 11 am to 2pm.. Check it out. Down Town Big Rapids, MI is happening on Fridays. Sales, Music, Restaruants, Farmers Market and me and my books will be available.

My books are also available E-Book on Amazon and B&N. My first two Adventures James Saves the Moon and Helga Returns are currently only $0.99 E-Book also available on sale in other markets for a limited time.



James Saves the Moon on Amazon

James Saves the Moon on B&N







  Helga Returns on Amazon

Helga Returns on B&N

If you cannot stop in to see me Downtown Friday July 19th you can always order online and I can send you a signed book plate for free to adhere inside the cover just PM on facebook or email me at

Check out my facebook page Wendysbookcase for giveaways on Friday too!

 Have a grand adventure today! WB

Publishing And Relase Adventure James Saves the Moon!


Good Day and Happy Saturday Folk,

Let me introduce my book James Saves the Moon. It is available in ebook  now. Soon print. Just click on the link to amazon next to the cover on this post. I am so excited can you feel it. I really love this writing adventure.

James Saves the Moon

In other news I have a release party event set up for  Tuesday, November 20 on Facebook noon to 9pm. Fun and Games for everyone.

Here is the event page. Come join the event.

We will have a giveaway every day until the event on Tuesday. There is a grand prize basket available. If you down load my book from amazon and provide me proof  of your order. You will be added for the drawing November 20th at 8:45 by  Good Luck and I hope you enjoy the story. At the release event there will be ebooks, bookmarks, bracelets available to win on Tuesday. Hope to see you there for the release adventure for James Saves the Moon. Enjoy your adventures, WB 

Basket full of Goodies for James Saves the Moon release event