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autumn promo Anchor Group Publishing has the epic adventure Helga Returns ebook on sale to celebrate autumn. Illustrated epic adventure when the dragon flies magical tales the entire family will enjoy. Ages 7-12.(Just a reminder if you purchase my book in print I will send you a signed book plate for free, just email at wendysbookcase@gmail.com)

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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Helga Returns – A James and Syvok Adventure by Wendy Nystrom is about the adventures of James for the second time. He finds a footprint and he asks his friends Syvok and Matthias to help him find out about the footprint. They discover that it is Helga’s footprint and follow it into the troll village. Will they be able to save the troll and will Syvok and Matthias be able to save James?
It is an absolutely delightful story for children. The story has many underlying messages in it. I liked the fact that it introduces them to glaciers. Any book is educational for a reader because it will have information to offer that gives you an opportunity to learn. The characters of James, Syvok, and Matthias capture the interest of the reader but the most appealing character is Helga, the troll. Iceland as a backdrop is another interesting aspect of this book. It is a magical story of James along with the two Icelanders, Syvok and Matthias. The story does not lose its tempo and the beautiful illustrations give the characters an identity which makes it easier for children to relate to them.
The biggest advantage of adventure stories is that they encourage children to think and be imaginative. It gives them the freedom to dream, experiment, think differently, and create their own characters. I found the little trolls and dragonets very interesting and they add to the whimsical quality of the story.

James Saves the Moon ebook where the epic adventures began is always on sale for 99 pennies. 

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Reviewed By Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars

“James Saves the Moon”, written by Wendy Nystrom, is a delightful children’s picture book that combines a child’s imagination with Icelandic mythology. The illustrations by Jim Weidman, in a blue tone with colorful characters, lend a mythological feel to the story of a young boy (James), who sees the moon over one of the high mountains and decides that if he climbs to the top of the mountain he can reach out and touch the moon. Slipping quietly out of his bedroom window, he sets out on his journey. On his way up the mountain he stumbles over some rocks and disturbs one of Iceland’s mythological figures (Syvok), who joins him on his journey. They suddenly realize that unless they move faster, the moon will leave before they make it to the top of the mountain. In order that they can move faster, Syvok summons a dragon (Matthias), who allows them to ride on his back. They discover that the moon is stuck on the mountain and they will have to help get it unstuck. The three work as a team to set the moon free and while doing so, James truly does touch the moon.

The color of the illustrations by Jim Weidman and the very well-written story by Wendy Nystrom
make “James Saves the Moon” a rare treasure for a children’s picture book. Its simplicity combined with the kind of story that stirs the imagination of a child make it something that will stick in the mind of the reader for a lifetime. This book gives a little bit of a taste of the colorful and flavorful history of Iceland and its traditions. It is highly recommended for its ability to help stir a child’s imagination. A wonderfully simple and delightful tale.

Hope you enjoyed the the sale adventure. Thanks for dropping in. Enjoy the adventure every day brings you, WB    WendyBookcaseLogo



S.I. Hayes Action Packed Epic Fantasy Adventure


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Today’s adventure we explore  author S.I. Hayes.  She has created exciting action packed paranormal, fantasy worlds for you to enjoy.

Epic Fantasy Trilogy

si hays 5In Dreams… The Solitary Road
S.I. Hayes
Dumped in a treacherous Arctic land, Amara Dagon must master her spell craft if she is to survive a year in exile, but fear, doubt and the loss of her family threatens to take hold. Can Amara gain control of her magic or will she succumb to it leaving her people in the hands of a dangerous tyrant?





si hayes2In Dreams… The Unavoidable Road
S.I. Hayes

“You’re going home and I’m coming with you.”
Just eight little words will bind their fates forever.
Amara is feisty, strong, and alone. She is human, she is a spell caster.
Morgan is charming and faithful. He is Meiores-Meiore, a Shape-shifter, and Telepath of dangerous persuasion. He is the trainer of Kings and Queens.
Amara is one who sees signs, following them no matter where they lead. When she stops in De Suet, encounters with a cloaked stranger make her question if he has some place in her future.



si hayes 3In Dreams… The Savage Road
S.I. Hayes
Amara Dagon is going home…
Will she be able to ascend to High Priestess and give her people the help they so richly deserve or will she crumble to her mother’s whims?
Take a walk on the shores of the Isle De’ Corlen, a beautiful and dangerous land, especially if you’re uninvited.
Trials and tests await Amara and Morgan and his life hangs in the balance if they fail…

Paranormal Historical Drama

si hayes1Centuries of Blood: Becoming

Three men, a single heart. What’s a girl to do? Especially when one of them has fangs…

16th Century England. A land at war. It’s people fighting, dying for a king who chases skirts and takes heads on a whim. It is a time of reformation, of love, lust, betrayal and secrets. Catharine Morrigan Cecil is but sixteen years old as the tale unfolds, but her soul screams to be free of Glastonbury. Named for a child lost, she is chained to a life she doesn’t want. Promised to a man whose ways foretell an unhappy life while still in love with another who will not fight for her.

Left rejected, in a reach for freedom she runs. Finding a mysterious town with an even more mysterious stranger. Alexandarious (Darious) is young, strong, and Immortal. A Blood Devourer. Knowing his nature, Catharine Morrigan dares to give him her heart. She has pierced him through and through, but his people are warring and her safety is in peril. He wants and needs the beautiful woman “Morrigan” is becoming. But his heart knows better. She deserves a full life, one he cannot give her.

The marriage bed awaits her as the Ottoman War zone calls him. The pair must separate to save the people to whom they are bound. While Darious fights for his Lord and Lady, Morrigan must fight for her survival at the hands of the man she calls husband.

Can they beat the odds, find each other once more and prove that love truly is Eternal?


si hayesBio:
Shannon (S. I.) Hayes has been telling tales for so long as she has been able to talk, and began writing them down shortly thereafter. She is the singular author of the In Dreams… Series, and a Paranormal Historical Romance called Centuries of Blood: Becoming. Shannon is the Co-Author to Awakenings: The Wrath Saga, a Paranormal Drama likened to Big Brother meets The Real World of the Preternatural, as well as several blogs and host to her own website. S.I.Hayes.com. In her own words… I have a mind that is easily distracted and prone to wandering. Tangents are my forte, and if you think my characters are going to fit a cookie cutter shape of any kind, think again. They live, they love, they eat, sleep and f***. I believe that people are inherently sexual creatures and my characters be they human or something altogether else are no exception.
I don’t adhere to a single genera, I toe the line on several and wouldn’t presume to be a master of any. So I suppose you could call me jack-of-all-trade-paperbacks.
I am a truth seeker, in my life, in my work. I’d apologize for it, but I kinda can’t help m’self. It’s my best and worst personality trait, well mostly, being Bi-Polar I guess you could say that is the worse. But I believe that the disorder has made me, well… Me.
I have taken this life and twisted, carved, shaped and molded it in to the worlds of my characters. Albeit with a chainsaw, and it has made all the difference.



Hope you enjoyed getting to know Author S.I. Hayes and her paranormal action packed fantasy books Thanks for dropping in. Enjoy the adventure every day brings you, WB




I’m a Dragon by Sigal Adler Adventure


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This book was fun. Of course I am a little biased since I love dragons. Yes I agree dragons can do whatever they want.
I’m a Dragon by Sigal Adler . 5 gold stars   i'm  a dragon
The book is fun rhyming story with colorful fun illustrations by Abira Das. It is 12 pages long. I think parents will enjoy reading this rhythmic rhyming story that discusses a child pushing the limits. I also think young readers up to age 7 will enjoy the story. Children and parents can have fun acting out the scenes as they read.
Brief Synopsis
A young boy named Ron, announces he is a dragon for the day. This means can do anything he wants day or night. His dad has trouble with him throughout the day. Dragons only eat pizza, pasta and ice cream. He does not want to pick up his room, and does not have to ask permission to do anything. Bed time is the final straw, when the young dragon has finally pushed his tired dad and he loses his patience. His father turns into a dragon-dad with three heads. Ron thinks and decides he is not a dragon kid since is dad is a great big dragon and not much fun. It is time to end the game of being a dragon kid and start listening to dad, and go to bed and have a fun dream.
Sigal Adler’s links

Sigal Adler Facebook page  Sigal Adler Amazon authors page  I’m a Dragon Amazon link

I’m a Dragon Barnes and Noble link

Hope you enjoyed I’m a Dragon Adventure. Enjoy the adventure every day brings you, WB


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Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland Release Adventure!


WendyBookcaseLogo (2)                         Good Day Folks,  

Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland

Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland

I am happy to announce the release of Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland.

Who likes to have fun during the holidays? Well Iceland has fun for 26 days. The Yuletide  season starts December 12th with the first of 13 Yule Lads to visit and drop off a treat for well behaved children and cause some mischief while in town.  Just click on the picture and it will take you to Amazon purchase links. This is the third adventure for James and Syvok. And as always Matthias the Dragon is always there to help out on the adventure.  Join the event we will have fun and prizes and a Rafflecopter with some great books and prizes from me and some of my wonderful friends.

Tomfoolery Release Event on FB 
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Tomfoolery 13 Yule Lads Of Iceland and what do you get? A lot of Tomfoolery and Fun I’ll bet! The Thirteen Yule Lads of Iceland are much different than the Santa Clause we know. They are mischievous, troublesome, funny, and full of curiosity. Much like James, so when James visits them in their home with Syvok, almost gets eaten by their mother and is taunted by the Christmas Cat, they know right where they are going to come when they visit town the 13 days of Christmas. James finds out that the Yule Lads make the noisiest house guests ever when they come to stay. They clang pots, slam doors, and even bring their own lamb. However amidst all the ruckus what they create most of all is joy and fun for the holidays.

 This is  a book you and your kids will want to read all the time and at Christmas Time. It was my favorite story when we lived in Iceland. I add a different spin to the old legend.

word Search

  If you wish to order the book signed just drop me an email at wendysbookcase@gmail.com or If you purchase it some where else online email me with proof of purchase and I will gladly send you an signed bookplate you can place inside.

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Sapphire City Blog Tour Adventure

Good Day Folks, This is a must read. You will love the story. background

Welcome to the Sapphire City Blog tour!
Presented by Phenomenal Reviews and hosted by some fabulous blogs!
June 10-17

Book Description

Strange things happen on Nortica; people disappear and voices call from the ocean. For Stella Shaw, things are about to get even more weird.

Welcome to Nortica. Population: ten.After her latest run-in with the police, Stella’s mom takes her back to her childhood home, the island Nortica. But they find it much different than the stories Mom told. Most of the people have disappeared and the ones left are really weird. 

When her mom turns out to be the next victim of the island, Stella is forced into a dangerous race to find her while learning the secrets that the ocean holds

What people are saying about Sapphire City!
“A different kind of ending for sure, Nice story! I knew I had it figured out, til I read the next page! Hopefully the sequel comes out soon!” ~ MPR1
“I felt compelled to keep reading, desperate to find out what happened next.” ~ R. Kight
 “The story ended so perfect. I kept waiting for another twist.” ~ Jess

Amy Richie was born in a small northern Ohio town where she grew up and lives there still with her three children. She comes from a large family with an even larger extended family. In 2012, Amy joined up with Anchor Group Publishing and now has two series started. The Immortal Love Series and The Blood Vine Series, a new YA. Amy writes things that are not of this world; either paranormal or fantasy. Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, time travel, ghosts, and even garden gnomes. To find out more about Amy Richie or her books visit her at amyrichie.weebly.com .
Where you can find her

Follow the tour!

10th-BlissfulBook Reviews– Promo
The Writing World 
Page Flipperz
J.P Grider  –  Review
Enjoy the Adventure of Sapphire City Blog Tour, WB
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Writing Adventures!


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I really need to get better at blog posting. I am going to attempt to have an interview with a author, blogger, reader, fan once a week.

I like things simple and short. So I will try to keep my interviews down to 5 questions.

After posting on my facebook page it appears some have questions for me. Which was surprising.


So I am going to start with me.

I have Jaimie a fan of my short story in Paranormal Days Gone Awry “Blaze the Dragon” New Moon Brethren

Paranomal   Jaimie asked, Where did your inspiration for Blaze come from?

It is rather good question. Had me thinking for days where did she come from. I have a different view of dragons than most. I see them as fierce caring creatures, much like in Anne McCaffrey’s book. May she rest in peace. Ms McCaffrey, and I differ is that I think dragons work well with a partner or with out a partner.  They are independent, smart much like humans and can be leaders. They are emotional beings like you and me. They were placed on this planet with a huge responsibility to serve and protect. Like all beings have troublemakers and trouble times through out their history.

Back to Blaze. Blaze is my favorite character.  Blaze came to me in a dream and continues to visit me in my dreams.  Most of my stories or idea comes to me in dreams. Maybe she is my imaginary friend. She represents women’s struggles and the rapid changes happening in the world. We seem to balance responsibility, families, jobs, plus moving forward with social justice and finding moments of happiness. We live frenzy life styles.  We adjust and sacrifice daily and a little piece of us leaves us with every sacrifice and some days we are just weary. She has a lot of me and many of the women I have have the privilege to call friends. I seem to surround myself with intelligent let’s get it done friends. Whether we are working on a project or just out relaxing we accept each other the way we are and none of us trust easily. I assess people strengths and focus on their strengths rather than their weakness’s. Focusing on weaknesses never gets the job done. Then there comes a time to say enough is enough and we have to decide which battles we can and will win or  is time to abandon ship or regroup.  Both my strong female characters express how I feel at times. I do not ever understand the word no, liability,its is to big, can’t be done, to me that is lack of will. We must constantly prevail against the naysayers and tell them it can be done. I do often look out the window and think it was  suppose be a simple event and turned into something more and how do I fix it.  Yes, we must walk out the door and take care of the what ever is tossed in our way and sometimes we have to sacrifice things to get it done.  To serve, protect and attempt to leave the world a little better than we came into it is honor. Whether on center stage or behind the scenes.  Why red hair and purple/gold flecked wings. Red is for courage, bravery and purple  is the color of good judgement, magic and mystery, creativity. Gold  symbolizes wealth used wisely, but it is also the symbol of good health. People who favor the color gold are optimistic.

The short story in the above anthology was inspired by my friends a couple of years ago suggesting I should write a story about  visiting the New Moon Book store in Minneapolis. This was an store that had books, herbs,  classes,   physic reading areas and chat groups. My mother was an highly respected numerologists. The New Moon Brethren was born that evening on the drive home from a Holly Black book signing. It is a urban fantasy about a secret society that is 1000’s of years old. Sole purpose is to serve and protect from the dark legion.

Hope you enjoy this. Have a grand adventure. WB

Article In Our local Paper


I sure enjoyed being interviewed by Lauren Fitch at The Pioneer here in Big Rapids. She was kind enough to let me pick my favorite Illustrations. Right now its in the 40’s. Very strange for early January. Here is the article. courtesy of Lauren Fitch at The Pioneer Group.

Local children’s author turns family experiences into new-found passion for writing

BIG RAPIDS – Wendy Nystrom became an author of children’s books “totally by accident.” Now after several years of searching for a publisher and completing three books, Nystrom can’t imagine life without writing.

“This came about when my son was 7,” Nystrom, 47, a four-year Big Rapids resident, said of her first book. “He looked out the window at the moon sitting on the mountain, and that evening I was writing a story. It unlocked something in my brain that was always there.”

PUBLISHED AUTHOR: Big Rapids resident Wendy Nystrom holds up the three children’s books she’s written, published by Solstice Publishing. Nystrom plans to write one more book to complete the series, which takes place in Iceland. (Pioneer photo/Lauren Fitch)

Nystrom’s first book, “James Saves the Moon,” was published by Solstice Publishing as an e-book in December 2010. In April, “James Saves the Moon” came out as a print edition. “Helga Returns,” the next in her series, was released as an e-book in October before being printed in November. Her latest book, “Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland,” is now available as an e-book.

One more book will complete the series of James and Syvok adventures, set in Iceland with a cast of mystical characters.

“All of a sudden all these other stories (came to me),” said Nystrom, who worked as a circulation manager for a newspaper in Idaho and then a stay-at-home mom before beginning her writing career. “I was dreaming stories. It was crazy. It was like an overload. … I started jotting down all these ideas.”

While the writing came easily for Nystrom, she soon realized getting her work published would be a much more difficult process. After penning “James Saves the Moon” in 2004 while living in Iceland, she spent six years editing, finding an illustrator and searching for a publisher.

She happened upon graphic artist Jim Weidman, from Virginia Beach, Fla., one day while searching online. Weidman illustrated her first book, before Nystrom began working on her next two books with Big Rapids Public Schools alumna Kelly Murray, who graduated from Ferris State University in 2008 with a degree in TV digital media production.

“I sent (‘James Saves the Moon’) to a couple publishers in Iceland and didn’t hear anything back,” Nystrom said. “Then we came back to the United States and moved to West Virginia for a year. I sent it out a couple more times. … When I moved here (to Big Rapids), I started looking for a job and couldn’t get one, so I thought, ‘Well, maybe I’ll just see if this writing thing will work.’”

THE BEGINNING: Wendy Nystrom’s first children’s book is based on a conversation she had with her son, James. Jim Weidman, a graphic artist from Virginia Beach, Fla., illustrated her first book. (Courtesy illustration/Jim Weidman)

With encouragement and editing help from her husband, James, and friends, Nystrom researched numerous publishers looking for one that was compatible with her stories. She sent out 150 submissions, heard back from 25 and finally found Solstice Publishing.

“Of course I got lots of rejections like everybody. Rejections don’t bother me though, it’s just part of life. I have to admit, though, I was about to give up and a friend of mine gave me a pen and pencil set that said ‘Keep on writing, I love your stories.’ … That pen and pencil set made me keep plugging away.”

Nystrom found out Solstice had offered her a contract while making dinner one evening. Her twin daughters, Alexandria and Bethanny, 9, were the first to know.

“My girls are so funny, they said they’ve never seen me jump so high,” she said. “I downloaded it right away and of course called every relative. … I ordered (the print version) off (Solstice Publishing’s) site and off Amazon right away, then I ordered my 50 (author’s) copies. I have to see how the whole picture works – how it was coming from Amazon and from the printer. I took pictures and Facebooked it everywhere and e-mailed the links to everybody.”

It’s easy to see how Nystrom’s family has influenced her writing.

The main character in her books, James, is named after her 14-year-old son. Many of the character James’ adventures are prompted by real-life conversations with her son.

James’ father in the stories works at a university, similar to Nystrom’s husband, who is an assistant professor of math at Ferris State University.

The Nystroms lived in Iceland for two years, which is the setting for the adventures in her books. The fictional stories are embedded with facts about the Icelandic countryside, its culture and legends.

HEGLA RETURNS: An illustration by Kelly Murray, who graduated from Big Rapids schools and Ferris State University, depicts the adventures of James, Matt and Syvok in Nystrom’s second book,”Helga Returns.” (Courtesy illustration/Kelly Murray)

“(Living in Iceland) changed my life. Iceland is a wonderful culture,” Nystrom said. “Icelanders have (one of) the highest literacy rates in the world. At Christmas time, the No. 1 gift is books. … They loaded me up with books on their cultures, their legends, their folklore. So I incorporate that into the stories.”

Dragons play a key role in Nystrom’s books, which stems from her love for the mythical creatures – as evidenced in a dragon pendant and necklace the author wears on a regular basis.

Every illustration in Nystrom’s books has a dragon in it. The main dragon, who helps James in his adventures, is named Matt, after one of Nystrom’s son’s friends from Texas. In her second book, she added twin dragons, representative of her daughters.

Murray also was excited to see her work in print, starting with “Helga Returns.”

“I was excited because I love dragons, and there are a lot of dragons in the book. It seemed like an educational and fun book for kids,” Murray, 25, said. “I was very excited to actually see myself in print.”

Murray’s father, Dave, introduced the author and illustrator. Dave, as a member of the BRPS school board and a professor at Ferris, knew Nystrom and connected her with his daughter.

The whole reason Nystrom started writing children’s books was for her son.

“When we were in Iceland, (James) was in first and second grade learning in Icelandic,” she said. “I was trying to keep his English up. He got bored real quick with a lot of books. The original intent (of writing children’s books) was to find books that boys and girls would read that are adventurous and fun. … I think how you keep kids reading is having an adventure that a little kid would want to do.”

TOMFOOLERY: Nystrom’s most recent book, “Tomfoolery and the 13 Yule Lads of Iceland,” came out in December and is available as an e-book. (Courtesy illustration/Kelly Murray)

One year after her first book was published, Nystrom has just recently begun considering herself a writer.

“It was with my second book when they put my bio in it,” she said. “When they put the bio in, I thought ‘Wow, I’m an author with a publisher.’”

Still, she realizes the hard work ahead in marketing and completing the final children’s book of the series. She also hopes to write a science fiction piece and a young adult novel.

For more information on Nystrom’s books and how to order them, visit her “Wendys Bookcase” Facebook page.




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