The Many Lives of Avery Snow Review


The Many Lives of Avery Snow Cover for 'The Many Lives of Avery Snow'

By Christy Sloat
Published by Anchor Group
Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

ISBN: 9780985266332
Short Description: Do you believe in reincarnation and a love that can last lifetimes?

I thoroughly enjoyed, Mrs. Sloat’s novel, “The Many Lives of Avery Snow”. It was intriguing from the first page. Mrs. Sloat does an excellent job with character and relationship development. The author draws you into the plot, where a young adult, Avery, begins to recall her previous lives and the meetings with her soul mate in each one. Avery starts to think she is hallucinating when Angels start appearing in her life and she starts having visions. Mrs. Sloat, does an excellent job of portraying the feelings and emotions that accompany the relationships in the books drawing the reader into the story. We wind up being caught in the ever present battle between good and evil.  She builds up to the climax with climbing anticipation, although I felt there was a little missing in some of the characters that showed up at the cabin. The final chapters, that tie everything together are well organized and compelling. They give a tremendous sense of satisfaction without compromising the plot or the point.

Overall I thought this is an excellent, easy read. Mrs. Sloat does a terrific job of integrating the powers of angels and demons, but could have expanded a little more on the psychic realms. Her novel stresses the concept of past lives, and everlasting love without over dramatizing or farfetched logic. Her characters are her strong point, as is her overall plot development.

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Reviewed on July 13 – AB

Review Princess Stories by Jodi Stone and Tidbits


Happy Friday All,

I really enjoyed reading Princess Stories by Jodi Stone. This book has two sweet stories that girls ages 5 to 8 would love to read or have read to them. They would also be good stories to read to our little princesses before bed.

The first book is called Confessions of a Pre-Teen Beauty Queen about a little girl who wakes up with a crown on her head.  The second book is called Ballerina Princess about a little girl who is nervous about her ballet try outs.

Both books are delightful, they both rhyme and flow just like little girls enjoy doing while the main characters Brook and Grace solve their dilemmas. It is a quick fun read. The books make you feel like you are there with them in the room. The illustrations are fun and my girls enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. I highly recommend this book.  This book is available  at and  as are other stories written by Jodi Stone. Collect them all


Supporting Authors One Read at a Time February’s blog Magazine is out and there are some wonderful articles This months featured Author’s are. Emerald Barnes and Michael Rivers. Check it out their books,  might be just what you want to read this weekend.

Xchyler Publishing Update Are you a fan of Dragons or Steampunk. Check out guidelines in notes at Xchyler Publishing Anthology on facebook. Give the page a like too.

Also would like to add a HUGE GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY YOUR Adventure to one of my Best Friends in the whole world son  Jesse Good Luck in Florida and Congratulations on your adventure at Disney World. Look forward to seeing you the next time we visit the Magic Kingdom. Can’t tell how happy I am for you! Hope it all goes very well for you. Tina you are the best Mom I know. “Hot diggity dog! See you real soon”

Enjoy Your Adventures, WB

Review Anissa Part One


 Good Evening , Anissa part one written by XchylerConn  just recently posted  on Solstice Publishing.  This is going to be a free series you can down load. First I would like to say I love the cover.  The cover intices me to look further into the book. The intro was gripping and I wanted to know more, what is going on, why is she confused.

I found Chapters 1 through 4 quite intriguing and interesting. Its is spooky and eerie . I want to know more about all the players. What is a question asked by Rachelle. Do you know what? She asked. I want to know what does it mean Anissa is the key to the Gate and what lays beyond the gate.  I want to know who really is the good guys and bad guys. The ending is a good cliff hanger.  Can’t wait for part two. I recommend this quick read and get into the Halloween spirit. Bye for now, WB

Link to Anissa Part One