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Good Day Folks,

I really need to get better at blog posting. I am going to attempt to have an interview with a author, blogger, reader, fan once a week.

I like things simple and short. So I will try to keep my interviews down to 5 questions.

After posting on my facebook page it appears some have questions for me. Which was surprising.


So I am going to start with me.

I have Jaimie a fan of my short story in Paranormal Days Gone Awry “Blaze the Dragon” New Moon Brethren

Paranomal   Jaimie asked, Where did your inspiration for Blaze come from?

It is rather good question. Had me thinking for days where did she come from. I have a different view of dragons than most. I see them as fierce caring creatures, much like in Anne McCaffrey’s book. May she rest in peace. Ms McCaffrey, and I differ is that I think dragons work well with a partner or with out a partner.  They are independent, smart much like humans and can be leaders. They are emotional beings like you and me. They were placed on this planet with a huge responsibility to serve and protect. Like all beings have troublemakers and trouble times through out their history.

Back to Blaze. Blaze is my favorite character.  Blaze came to me in a dream and continues to visit me in my dreams.  Most of my stories or idea comes to me in dreams. Maybe she is my imaginary friend. She represents women’s struggles and the rapid changes happening in the world. We seem to balance responsibility, families, jobs, plus moving forward with social justice and finding moments of happiness. We live frenzy life styles.  We adjust and sacrifice daily and a little piece of us leaves us with every sacrifice and some days we are just weary. She has a lot of me and many of the women I have have the privilege to call friends. I seem to surround myself with intelligent let’s get it done friends. Whether we are working on a project or just out relaxing we accept each other the way we are and none of us trust easily. I assess people strengths and focus on their strengths rather than their weakness’s. Focusing on weaknesses never gets the job done. Then there comes a time to say enough is enough and we have to decide which battles we can and will win or  is time to abandon ship or regroup.  Both my strong female characters express how I feel at times. I do not ever understand the word no, liability,its is to big, can’t be done, to me that is lack of will. We must constantly prevail against the naysayers and tell them it can be done. I do often look out the window and think it was  suppose be a simple event and turned into something more and how do I fix it.  Yes, we must walk out the door and take care of the what ever is tossed in our way and sometimes we have to sacrifice things to get it done.  To serve, protect and attempt to leave the world a little better than we came into it is honor. Whether on center stage or behind the scenes.  Why red hair and purple/gold flecked wings. Red is for courage, bravery and purple  is the color of good judgement, magic and mystery, creativity. Gold  symbolizes wealth used wisely, but it is also the symbol of good health. People who favor the color gold are optimistic.

The short story in the above anthology was inspired by my friends a couple of years ago suggesting I should write a story about  visiting the New Moon Book store in Minneapolis. This was an store that had books, herbs,  classes,   physic reading areas and chat groups. My mother was an highly respected numerologists. The New Moon Brethren was born that evening on the drive home from a Holly Black book signing. It is a urban fantasy about a secret society that is 1000’s of years old. Sole purpose is to serve and protect from the dark legion.

Hope you enjoy this. Have a grand adventure. WB

Blog Radio Adventure



I am so excited Jamie Hope the author of many great books children and young adult Jaimie Hope books on Amazon

Jaimie has a blog radio show called “This is How We RollThis is How We Roll/ spotlight Wendy Nystrom

Guess who is going to be her guest. I am so excited. It should get interesting. Join us April 22nd at Noon EST.

Don’t for get my books are still on sale for .99  on Amazon James Saves the Moon and Helga Returns

Thanks for reading and have a grand adventure every day, WB

Writing Adventures Update


Good Day Folks,



My goodness I have been busy. I wrapped up hopefully the final edits for my third kids book. It is called Tomfoolery and 13 Yule Lads of Iceland.  It sure is a fun adventure and the illustrations by Kelly Murray are fabulous. Should release in July. I have been working on my novel and 4th James Adventure. Soon I will have a website up and running. It is going to be a fun adventure too. Check out the sale going on below. Have a grand adventure WB

Cool news today April 15 through April 26th all Kindle Ebook Lil Anchors Titles will be 99 cents in the U.S Amazon Market and UK Amazon Market £0.77 .


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All of the Children’s Books from Anchor Group “Lil Anchors” are on sale for .99  or £0.77.  So download them all.


Savanah’s Story by Jodi Stone

An Easter Bonnet for Lil by Jodi Stone

Waffles and Pancakes: A Lesson in Bullying by Cindy Springsteen

Dragon Wars by Emily Fogle

Ethan’s Story My Life with Autism by Ethan Rice

Fox and Rabbits Garden by Laurel Heger

The Conduit by Stacey Rourke

Want to keep up with me on FB here are my pages, Lil Anchors and Anchor Groups pages






Give all these pages some likes there is fun adventures on all these pages.



James Saves the Moon Story Time with J.D. Holiday Adventure


Good Day Folks,

This is an exciting day for for sure. My book James Saves the Moon is being read on J.D Holiday’s live on Saturday Jan, 5 at 10 eastern. This is blog radio way cool adventure.

Here is the link: It’s Story Time with J.D. Holiday

J.D Holiday also has her blog check it out . She is also a wonderful children’s author and illustrator too. Its Story Time

This is a good site for your kids on Saturday mornings. J.D. Holiday has a new book read every Saturday. Check it out.

Supporting Authors One Read at a Time BadgeJames Saves the Moon was reviewed on online magazine check it out page 36,37.

Wonderful Read of the Month

James Saves the Moon is available

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Just an update on second James Adventure, Helga Returns. It is with  Anchor Group‘s editing staff . Editing is always an adventure.

For those that tune in Saturday morning hope you enjoy the adventure. Enjoy your adventures, WB

Reflection Adventure goodbye 2012 hello 2013


Good Day Folks,

13 is my lucky number woo hoo come on 2013. I am ready (Ramble Alert)

I have been doing a lot of investigating, learning, waiting and reflecting the last couple of months. It has been a good year for the most part. I am on the cusp of a new adventure. I just have to choose the path or will I let the path choose me.This is what seems to happen to me most of the time. It seems every time I know the direction I want to take or the place I wish to live. Something or someone changes the path. They have always been interesting twists in the road but I always wonder when will it be my turn to choose the direction. Maybe 2013 will be the year I drive the future for a while then again maybe not. What ever happens it will be an interesting adventure.

I have now been down this writing path for about 7 years. I never ever thought I would be a writer. I was looking for a career that I could do anywhere since we have moved so many times. Frankly no one really wants to hire a woman over 40. This was made quite clear in the last 5 years. Shocking but very clear. So as I always do I adjust, adapt and wow have I been having fun learning the publishing business.

My latest interview by a wonderful author Karen Pokras Toz. Check out her tween age books they all rock.

She asked Can you see yourself in any of your characters? No one ever asked me that question.  It has had me thinking ever since.

I was thinking and thinking, then it hit me my characters are like imaginary friends. I am retelling their adventures. I have lots of vivid dreams always have. My Mother use to tell me she could hear me talking in my sleep all the time. My dreams feel real and I wake up often tired from my busy adventure dreams. Sometimes important people that have passed away come and chat for a while or need to be told it is ok to open the door to the next place you will be ok. That was the last conversation I had with my father. He passed away my guess during that dream. I even had a dream about my best friend growing up my cat Spitzy. She told me to name the new cat that adopted us in Idaho Rigsby. The next day my Mom called and said your cat died. Well anyway my very first imaginary friend was Susie. We did everything together. She was the best. I do not know where she went. She left when my brother   was brought home from the hospital. I like to think she is always near. 

Now after reflecting I do not think I answered Karen’s question very well. I think all my characters have a little of me in them and a lot of the people I allow in my inner circle or are part of my inner circle like family. Their have been many interesting people I have met through the years which work into my characters. I did say Blaze the dragon and Carolyn seem to have some of me in them. But really I think they have become my new imaginary friends. When I write about them in my novel called the New Moon Brethren. I really feel like I am there with them  in their inner tight circle.  Same with all my writing. I am there with my characters whether like Watson describing the adventure as an observer or really with them as they make their discoveries. It is quite fun. Like my dreams I am usually very tired after a writing adventure. James in my children’s series he has many of the characteristics of my son. Matt the dragon has many of the characteristics of my dear friend Tina’s son who is the same age as my son. Syvok is like my friend Kristin in Iceland. She was the first local in Iceland who talked to me.Like Blaze and Carolyn in my novel they are a mixture of many of my friends who are now at a time in their lives they have responsibilities and often like most woman their needs or wants get put on the back burner to handle situations. It called life and its what we do. That is how I pick characters. I figure out what kind of personality I am looking then look at the people I have met. I am lucky I have met many people from all over. I will have a life time of characters to write about.

So when your child has an imaginary friend do not be concerned it is a good thing. They may become the next bestselling author. I sure love all my real and imaginary friends. I would not trade them for anything in the world. 

Happy New Year to all, May it bring good things to us all and more grand adventures.WB

P.S . All Anchor Group Publishing e-books are 99 cents until January 1. This includes mine. James Saves the Moon, and my short story in Paranormal Gone Awry.

Paranormal Gone Awry has thirteen stories by thirteen different authors. My story introduces Blaze and Carolyn my besties. My story is on page 100

pretty good deal for 99 cents.

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Friday The 13th a Day of Luck Really!


Lucky Friday the 13th adventure.

I learned earlier in the week via my lovely children. Every month that starts with a  Sunday there is a Friday the 13th in that month. Always feel lucky when I learn something new.

13 has always been a lucky number for me.13 looks cool too. Many of us begin the adventure of change from child to adult at 13. It is truly a magical number. So enjoy the adventure.

As you know from my previous post. I signed on with Anchor Group Publishing. My books are scheduled to be released in 2013. Two of my kids books have 13. The first one has 13 illustrations and Tomfoolery has 13 Icelandic yule lads and 13 illustrations. I guess Helga Returns just needed 16 illustrations to make the story  come alive.

I am heading out to purchase my 13 lotto tickets.

Have a lucky adventure today. WB

Supporting Authors One Read At a Time! I give it ***** 5 stars


For a year now since my first contract was offered and signed from Solstice publishing of my first book I have been spending lots of time on how to connect with readers, authors, reviewers, blogs and folks that are willing to help me understand all the new jargon, social media and  just about anything out there in the aether that connects us via internet. You ask anyone who really knows me I am a information Junky. I love it when something really catches my eye. I came upon this page by accident in December. And now part of the group.  I clicked on the link and loved the style of the site. Its like being in your living room next to a cozy fire and enjoying a good read. I love bookshelves. I also enjoy being part of this group. Many other authors have the same questions and concerns I do and we help each other.


Eri Nelson author of Dearhart Clan series available on amazon,created a Monthly Blog Magazine Called,  Wonderful Read of the Month, Supporting Authors One Read At a Time!

I think this blog magazine is a must read for authors, reviewers, aspiring authors and most importantly readers. In the monthly issues there are featured authors, reviews, book promos, good  articles, lists of good sites to gain information  whats happening out there in writing world. It is a nice combination for all. After enjoying the good articles is other featured books and reviews of books. Don’t take my word for it. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and a nice treat. Sit in your favorite chair and Enjoy the magazine and the rest of the offerings on the blog every month with out having to put it in the recycle bin after you are done. Just check out the link for yourself and enjoy the magazine and the rest of the site.

January’s issue features two Authors they are

Madeline Stone and Matthew Wood and his web series The Day the Sun Stopped Shinning  at http://sunstoppedshining.wordpress.com/  .

Interesting articles on reviewer methods,  WLC WoMen’s Literary Cafe, reviews and more.

Check out the blog http://www.wonderfulreadofthemonth.blogspot.com

Enjoy your adventures. Bye for now in Icelandic, Bles, WB

Wendy Nystrom books are